Through the Door

Okay, after a good deal of thinking, research, and google-ing I’ve decided to ax my Through the Door series, at least here on the blog. One of the things that I started thinking about was, that when publishing original content copyright and trademark law is huge! Now, even though this blog does not make any money at all, it is not the right platform for what could be considered fan-fiction. I will still continue to write each post privately and for my own practice to hone this skill but I have decided not to publish it here on this platform. 
The problem that I ran into was that even though I had created original characters at some point I had to use a character or setting from the source material in order to move the story along. Those settings and characters are of course, copyrighted, they do not belong to me. I’d written a disclaimer explaining this to any reader that could have come along, but this matter was still lingering in the back of my mind. 
There are some works of fiction out there that have become public domain – that is that their copyright has run out – works by authors such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens are among those that are now public domain. If I do decide to do another series similar to this that I’d planned I would more than likely use something that is in the public domain and not still copyrighted. 
Basically the cancellation of this series is because of an ethical grey area that I found myself in while looking into publishing. I am sorry to disappoint anyone who may have been looking forward to this series. Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry, and in this case the safe path is the one I’ll be following. There is to much of an ethical grey area for authors (writers really, I’d never consider myself an author at this point) that I’m not willing to risk it potentially hurting me if I do intend to publish something original someday. 
What I may do however, is update this blog with my writing for NaNoWriMo’s Summer Camp starting in July…I MAY do that….we’ll see.