7 Quick Takes: 5/3/13

It’s Friday!! This may be a quick, rambly post this week. I have had a chest cold/sinus infection/case of death  this week….and it really knocked me around. Instead of complaining, how about I get right to the takes?

1.) I tend to over buy when I get sick….cough drops, teas, kleenex, anything with “multi-symptom” on the box. I won’t take asprin for a headache, but if I’m SICK like this I will buy whatever I think I “need”.

Four bags of cough drops….a little excessive in retrospect….entirely necessary when you feel like death. 
2.) I’m just starting to get to the point where there is less pressure in my chest, but now it’s all in my sinuses which I think is worse….but that’s enough complaining for me! 
3.) Say a prayer for me this weekend. I will be babysitting from Today to Sunday for three awesome boys at my church. I babysit these guys pretty regularly but a full weekend is a new experience for all of us! Usually I watch them for a couple of hours while their mom and dad go to dinner….never for this long all at once! It should be interesting! 
4.) I also have an unspoken prayer request, and at the risk of sounding cryptic I would just ask that you pray that God’s Will be done in my life, and in our church. Thanks so much! 
5.) Spring has finally sprung! My windows are open, the birds are singing, and flowers are in bloom! My small group was able to meet outside on our patio on Wednesday, and we could all finally enjoy the fresh spring air! 
6.) I may have over-glamorized things by calling it a small group….which technically it is (just not church sanctioned). It’s really just a group of ladies all from our church, of all ages, married, single, with kids, without kids….all of us sharing a common bond: Yarn. That’s right, we all knit/crochet. It is a great time of fellowship, so we call it a small group, it’s just not recognized as one! We love it! The kids play outside, we fellowship together, sharing new projects and patterns, laughing, talking over one another….it’s just plain fun! 
7.) This will be my last QT post for a few weeks. I will be going radio silent for a short time….again I hate to sound cryptic but I promise I’ll explain better later this week before I unplug, and definitely check back around the 20th for full explanation!! 
Enjoy your weekend everybody, and thank you for stopping by! Head on over to Conversion Diary and check out all of the other QT’s from this week! 


The Cold That Just Won’t Leave…

I feel like The Shelf has been neglected! I haven’t even looked at my dashboard in about a week. Sunday night I started coming down with this terrible chest cold that put me out of commission for a while. Usually I can work through this kind of thing, but this one really knocked me down….to the point that I actually used a sick day. I can actually breathe now (praise the Lord!!!) so I’m hoping to be in tip top shape for the weekend! If you think about it, whisper a prayer for me. I have a pretty big weekend coming up, and would love to have this cold behind me. Thank you!