I told you all this week in my 7 Quick Takes post, how excited I was that Chonda Pierce was coming to perform at our church. Mom and I have catered these kinds of events for the last few years, and I have never gotten starstruck. I’ve met (and fed) Aaron Shust33 MilesRebecca St. James, and many, many more. I have never gotten starstruck…until tonight.

Mom and I were putting the food out tonight in the catering room, and in the hall I could hear the distinct voice of Chonda Pierce. If you have ever heard her, you know her voice. You know that when she breaks precious into two words “pre cious” what she really means is “oh honey, that ain’t right” She walked into the catering room, and I’m not kidding you….I CRIED. My mom, God bless her, was in the room and covered for me, laughing about it, and Chonda very graciously took pictures with both of us, and we were able to talk with her for a while tonight.

She has an amazing testimony. She speaks very openly about the struggles she and her family have been through. If you ever have the opportunity to go see one of her shows, I encourage you to do it. She is a delight, and she is JUST.SO.FUNNY!!!

Goodnight all! 

7 Quick Takes: 3/8/13

It’s Friday once again, and you know what that means……7 Quick Takes. I’m joining up with Jen as always, at Conversion Diary. Go check out what everybody else is talking about this week.

1.) I made this soup this week. It turned out so great! It was very flavorful, and oh so healthy. My family loved it and there was enough leftover for another meal. I recommend trying it…it’s easy, tasty, and filling. You can’t go wrong with this.

2.) Monday night, one of my favorite shows airs. I don’t know if any of you watch Switched at Birth on ABC Family, but this week’s episode was phenomenal….I talked about it in a post earlier this week. This show is so well done, and there is a lot that can be learned from it. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

3.) Tuesday my sweet, sweet dad tried to get reservations for our family at the Be Our Guest Restaurant for dinner while we are in Florida. It would have been to celebrate my 20th birthday, and mom and dad’s 25th anniversary. They are booked SOLID the whole week we are there, but that is fine with me. Just being on this trip with my family is all I need. I am so excited just to be there!

4.) Wednesday night I took the online test for the Jeopardy! College Tournament……My family makes it a point to watch Jeopardy! together every night. If we aren’t home we DVR it, and watch it later. Dad and I each take the test every year. I felt so dumb last night when I saw some of those questions, and I learned that I know nothing about current pop culture……

5.) To go along with the above, my dad was on a game show, just not Jeopardy! He was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire a few years back when Regis Philbin came back and did a week in Prime Time. We are quite proud of him around these parts. Even though he has this under his belt, Jeopardy! is the one that we both would really like to try and get on. I have watched Jeopardy! since I was in elementary school, of course I didn’t know anything back then, but now I look forward to sitting down with my family for a half an hour each night and watching it. Sounds odd I know, but we love it!

6.) You guys all know by now that I like to read. I bought a copy of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables this week. If you have not seen this book, it is HUGE! I put it on the counter and the cashier picked it up, looked at it, and (dead serious) asked me if I planned on reading the entire thing. I responded (very politely), of course…why wouldn’t I? Well, she said, it’s just soooooooooooo big! I am undaunted by this. I will be in a car from Mid-Michigan to Florida. I need LOTS of reading material! When people tell me that they don’t like reading, or that they could never read a WHOLE book……I don’t even want to think about it……I can’t imagine not wanting to read, there is something amazing about a book, here I hope this will help you understand what I’m talking about….

7.) One of my favorite ladies is performing at our church this weekend and I am so excited to get to meet her! Chonda Pierce is a Christian comedienne and she is amazing! She has a wonderful testimony, and when she sings….ah! I can’t wait! She is supremely funny, I know that we are in for a treat this weekend! 
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this time with your family and friends…I know I will!

7 Quick Takes: 12/28/12

So here we are, another Friday…another installment of Quick Takes. I will be joining Jen at Conversion Diary. So, without further ado… Quick Takes:

1.) On Sunday our church choir went to Crossroads Village; a park here in Michigan, that transports you back in time to old grist mills, one room school houses, and steam locomotives. Our choir sings in the small wooden church, that is still heated by wood stove, and we sang for a crowd that filled the eight rows of pews, all of the standing room, and wound out the door into the small courtyard. I love to wander thought the general store, and just see the town…in the winter, and decorated for Christmas, it’s like a different time….a simpler time… I LOVE it!!!

2.) Ten years (or so) ago, we moved my great grandma into a new apartment, when we did my dad inherited her box of 8mm films….lots and lots, and LOTS of them. So, for Christmas we had them converted to DVD’s for dad, his brother and sister, and my grandma. We were all together on Christmas morning, and after these were opened, we watches them. There was no sound, just some stock music in the background, but we laughed and cried, and laughed till we cried! Never imy life have I laughed like that. It was so fun to see dad and his brother and sister watching these, seeing them as kids, with their dad and mom. It was evemore fun for my cousins and I to see our prents at that age…and just how much we take after them! 
3.) I have been enjoying my Christmas gifts these past few days, especially my teapot,  there is nothing better than a good cup of tea. I love brewing loose leaf, so I love that the teapot came with multiple pouches of loose tea. I have ver much been enjoying chinese green tea, with a little honey and lemon, you have the perfect cup of tea!

4.) I have just started reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore, so far I am not far enough through it yet to really say much, but check back in a few weeks for my review of what is turning out to be a very intriguing book.

5.) Working two days this week, and heading up to Frankenmuth this weekend. Frankenmuth, Michigan ( as I have told you before), is a piece of Germany, in northern Michigan. We will be heading up for some post Christmas shopping, and lunch as a family before we start back to work and school next week. I’m looking forward to some more family time. 

6.) The homemade Christmas gifts were a hit, and I am so glad.the calluses, pricked fingers, and nights of staying up until three in the morning were totally worth it!

7.) Today, I am spending the day with my cousin. We will spend the day watching Disney Princess movies, making homemade pizzas, and playing board games…. A girls day, and I am so excited! 
I hope you all have a great, relaxing weekend.

7 Quick Takes 11/9/12

You know the drill! I’m joining Jen and the others over at Conversion Diary for the highlight of my Friday….

Seven Quick takes…let’s get to it!
1. Monday, I registered for my winter classes. I will be doing the winter semester entirely on-line, which allows me to pick up more hours at work! Praise the Lord for that!
2. My classes for the winter will be Child Psychology and Nutrition and Diet Therapy. I’m looking forward to Psychology the most. I have had two previous psych classes that I absolutely LOVED and this one I feel will be lots of fun! Nutrition is a necessary punishment that I have to put myself through for the nursing program….we shall see how this one goes.

3. Sign language is more and more fun every day…I can not only introduce myself and my educational background, but I can tell you that I like to knit, my favorite drink is Pepsi, and that I don’t like orange juice….this is progress people!

A little ASL Humor!
4. Stomach Flu hit our abode this week….well, actually what we call stomach flu is really Gastroenteritis,not connected to the flu at all I won’t go into details ’cause it’s not pretty. I’ll just bet that you all wanted to learn about that today right?!
5.  I started my Christmas shopping on Wednesday! I didn’t get much, just a cookbook for a family member who may or may not be reading this, and coffee mugs for a few others. My plan is to start working on all of my homemade gifts while I am off for Thanksgiving break….hopefully I can stick to that plan…we’ll see : )
6. I voted in my FIRST Presidential election on Tuesday. I Won’t disclose who I voted for, but I will say this…No matter who our leader is, we need to lift them up in prayer, regardless of if we agree with their opinion or not. It’s easy to be hateful when you get disappointed, but as a Christian I know that people are watching me, and that I can set an example with my actions and my attitude. Sorry to get all political on you, but that’s how I’m feeling with all of this post-election  stuff but these are my opinions, and we just need to remember that God is in control, he is still working in our nation, and he will guide us through.
7. Thanksgiving is 13 days away… will you be celebrating? What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Do you have any special traditions? Let me know in the comments! I like to hear from my readers, there may not be many, but I do like to hear from you! : )
Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh Mondays…

The weekend is never long enough is it? Mondays are killer….

Today I spent some time in the student union studying…both psychology and microbiology. The development of a toddler, and germ theory. Great subjects separately but my Monday morning brain had me thinking something along the lines of “The germ theory of cognitive development in the microbe of a two year old”.

My brain is fried and it’s only Monday….this could be a long week. : /



Enjoy a little Microbiology humor……….