Pinterest Told Me To……Told Me To!!

Do you guys read Sheaffer’s blog Pinterest Told Me To?? If not, you really need to check it out. What she does is takes outfits that she sees on Pinterest, and recreates them. She gives sale alerts for lots of different stores, and tells some pretty great stories. You really do need to check it out…, now to the point of this post.

Recently, Sheaffer posted about wearing coral and mint. Definitely not something I ever thought I would do let me tell you. (actually, this post will be full of firsts for me, you’ll see in just a bit.) I have both colors (in abundance) in my closet, so I figured why not give it a try what’s the worst that can happen right? I have to tell you, I was not disappointed! The colors really do go so well together (first number one for me: Coral and Mint.) I thought I would share with you what Pinterest Told Me To told me to do:

Here you have it, Coral and Mint. I love this outfit so much! I will definitely do this again (first number two: full length picture with my face included….what got into me this week!?)
I cannot stress this enough…..CHECK OUT PINTEREST TOLD ME TO! You won’t regret it! While you are at it, check out Sheaffer’s friend Shay’s blog Mix and Match Mama this is another one that I know you will love!

Take a cue from me this week, and try something new! I had fun with this, and who knows you may see my face in more pictures from now on….I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out!

Enjoy the rest of your week, and be looking for a post coming up about the progress of my quilt! 


7 Quick Takes: 4/26/13

Happy Friday! I’m going to be quick today, because I’m heading into the office early today. So, let’s get right to it!

1.) I just made this darling skirt using THIS tutorial. Super simple, super cute, super comfy!

2.) I finally finished my first full row of blocks for my quilt….once I can get a decent picture I will post but trust me when I say it is my best work so far! It looks really cute, and everyone who sees it can tell right away that it should look like books lining a shelf! I’m excited to see how it turns out!
3.) Today after work, I will be finishing my (FINAL) semester as a nursing major. I’m excited to officially start studying Psychology, and seeing where God leads me with this new journey. I register for classes for the fall on Monday and am really looking forward to this semester!
4.) There are moments in life when I am so glad that no one is around to capture them on film of any kind. Thursday, mom and I battled a big, ugly, hairy spider that somehow found its way into our car. You should have seen it…..we looked ridiculous! You (like dad when we told him the story later), may think that we are wimps for freaking out over a “little” spider….but when you are trapped in a car with a far-from-little spider, you’d react the same way we did! It was pretty funny when we were telling others later on but at the moment not so much!
5.) I am so ready for vacation! It cannot come soon enough……….
6.) I’m boring today….sorry! My week was pretty uneventful so I didn’t really have much to share…
7.) Tomorrow I turn 20. I am spending the day with family, and that is absolutely all I want for my birthday! I couldn’t ask for anything better than hanging out all day with family! 
I didn’t really have a lot to work with this week….so there you go 7 Quick Takes….go see Jen for more! 

7 Quick Takes: 4/5/13

Happy Friday, and Happy April! I took last Friday off because of Good Friday which means that I have two weeks of material to catch up on…the only problem is not much happened last week….or this week to be honest. This ought to be interesting!

1.) Let’s see……not much happened last week except that I finally wrapped up and submitted my report just before the deadline, and it was Holy Week. I did a few posts last week about Holy Week and you can find those here:

Palm Sunday
Jesus Anointed at Bethany
Maundy Thursday
Friday Contemplation (Good Friday)
He Is Risen! (Easter Sunday)

2.) I’m in charge of snacks for book club this week…and I’m doing a new lemon bar recipe…..that can be found here. I can’t wait to try it, and I can’t wait to discuss this book. For this month we read Never Look Back by Kathy Herman. It is a story of redemption, forgiveness, and resilience. I love Kathy Herman and this book certainly did not disappoint.

3.) I’ve decided to start a quilt. A full on, piece by piece quilt. Not like the tee-shirt quilt I made a few years ago. I made card stock patterns for each block, and I’m picking up coordinating fabric pieces at my fabric store. They started selling fat quarters and eights which will be a big help until its time to bind. I’m excited to get this project going….and I’ll keep you updated on my progress…..because I know you are so interested to hear all about it.

4.) I shopped in my first H&M last weekend, and had a bit of a “moment”. I walked in, and saw the sizes and the clientele and realized I was going to have a bit of a hard time in this store. I wear size 18 (16 on a good day) and they don’t really have much above a 12 or 14. I had a gift card and just wanted to get in and out as quickly as I could. It was not my proudest moment as all of my middle school body issues came rushing back in one fell swoop. It was B-A-D bad. I got some shirts in the biggest size they had and a scarf and got out! Swore off stores with sizes for the rest of the day. I went into book stores, a Vera Bradley store, and some tech stores….no more sizes.

5.) I thought I’d left all of the body issue nonsense behind me when I got out of middle school but every now and again it all comes back, and I end up a crying mess in the middle of a huge shopping mall. Let me tell you it is a sight to see. When I started high school I got rid of all of my baggy clothes, bought jeans that fit right (and looked good!), bought cute tops….no more tee shirts to try and hide what I thought was less than perfect. I don’t usually let it get to me anymore but sometimes, and it is a rare occasion when it does but it just so happened that I let it get to me on a day out with my family, in the middle of one of the biggest shopping malls in our area. Not my proudest moment.

6.) Turns out the shirts fit pretty well….and the scarf was quite pretty. My meltdown obviously had no real basis other than that I was having a slightly off day, and got discouraged for a few minutes by the sight of super skinny models in all of the ads, super skinny customers in the store, and all of it brought back memories of bullies in middle school. I’ve learned not to let it bother me…..and on the rare occasion that it does I can (sometimes) just brush it off and go on my way….

7.) I struggled to find things to talk about today and once I got going I just went. Sorry for the downer of a post today I just felt like I should share. I hope that someday this post will help someone like me. Don’t let your feelings of imperfection ever hold you back, or keep you from truly being yourself. I did……and now I regret it. I missed so many opportunities as a kid because I was afraid of what other people thought of me…and now I take every chance I get to experience new things, go to new places, and meet new people because I’m done holding myself back! God doesn’t make mistakes and once I accepted that idea, and started accepting myself, I felt so much better each day I woke up. I don’t worry anymore about what I see in the mirror each day, because God has helped me see me, the way that HE sees me!

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings today….now go see Jen for more QT’s!


P.S This week is Opening Week of Major League Baseball! Go Tigers!
I’m warning you now, from now until (hopefully) November you will hear a lot from me about baseball. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Refashion # 2

Time for the second refashion! Here is the original piece…

I did the second (and final refashion) in the same manor as the first. I started by picking away at the seam connecting the skirt and the bodice.

Then, I had to pick at the zipper (very carefully, so as to not ruin any of the layers of fabric) to remove it. 
One of my main concerns with this dress was that all three layers of fabric, and the bodice were connected with only one seam. I pinned as I pick so that I didn’t separate the layers. I’m glad I did this because it REALLY helped me in the long run. 
I sewed all the way around the top, and I sewed up where the zipper used to be before pinning it again. This time I pinned it to the same elastic that I used in the last refashion, creating my waistband. Sew on your elastic, and viola! 
That’s it! So easy!! 
(I promise that’s how it is supposed to look. It has a high-low hem! It does look pretty odd in the picture though) 
This kind of refashion is so easy! If you can operate a seam ripper, and sew a straight line, you can do this!
If you missed the original post, or the first refashion I did you can find them here:

Refashion #1

Good morning all! Today I’m going to share with you my first refashion from those deals I scored at Goodwill last week.

This is the article of clothing that I began with. I started with those pesky shoulder pads, and just ripped them out……literally ripped out….of all things, they were VELCROED in!!
After that, I did pick out the velcro strips using my seam ripper, and I also picked the the two halves of this dress apart so that I had the skirt part to use. 
(Let me apologize for the complete lack of pictures in this post) Once I had my two pieces, I cleaned up the top of the skirt and measured my elastic. I used a one and a half inch wide elastic, and just sewed it directly to the skirt. I like the look of it better (especially on this skirt) than doing a casing and threading the elastic through. Make sure though, that when you are sewing the elastic on you STREEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH it as much as you can! If you don’t, your skirt waist band won’t stretch, and that my friends could be a problem. 
I also decided that instead of letting a perfectly good top go to waste, I’d find a way to use the other half. I turned up the bottom hem of the top halve, and sewed a straight stitch all the way around. 
(This was before I’d cleaned it up a bit) Turns out, this makes a pretty cute little jacket! 
Now, for the finished skirt: 
It’s pretty comfortable, and surprisingly a really versatile color for me. So this refashion is pretty simple I know, but I ended up with more out of it than I planned! Check back next week for the second refashion that I have planned!

7 Quick Takes: 3/1/13

Happy March 1st! I don’t want to tempt fate when I say this, but I will be enjoying a nice relaxing Friday today, and to start off my relaxing day….joining Jen at Conversion Diary for some Quick Takes.

Here we go!

1.) It is no secret that I love books, and I I am not ashamed to say that I LOVE used books. Used books are a story all their own (and they are dirt cheap!!). I just bought (from A Countess Below Stairs and An American Heiress . From what I understand they have kind of a Downton feel to them, and I spent next to nothing to get them. I will let you know more once I have a chance to read them, but I’m pretty excited!

2.) I ventured out to Goodwill this week, and I bought three items….you can see my post about them here….I’m a pretty frugal  thrifty person. I have already done some prep work with what I bought,

I tore out shoulder pads…literally tore them out, they were held on with Velcro!! I then used my trusty seam ripper, and separated the two halves of the dress. It will eventually be turned into two separate pieces, a skirt, and shirt/jacket/multipurpose item.

3.) Also from Goodwill, I bought this gorgeous purple dress.

I payed $12.00 for it, it was smaller than what I would normally wear, and it still had it’s original tags on it.

this is a one hundred dollar dress! I couldn’t pass up this kind of deal! I spent a looooooooooong time inspecting this dress, and I now have a wonderful (wearable!!!) skirt! (I will post a short tutorial later, it was pretty easy to do though).

I know it looks uneven, but that is just the hi-low hem!!

4.) Here is another from Goodwill: Brand new, right size, just a little shorter than I prefer, cute with jeans or leggings,

Have I mentioned how much I just adore Goodwill!

5.) I have begun to work on my vacation scrapbook. I bought a Smash Book, and it’s pretty plain just as it is so I spiced things up a little bit by doing a Disney inspired theme on the cover.

6.) I bought the ingredients this week to make this recipe that Janssen posted. It is a vegan Thai Butternut Squash soup and it looks delicious! I can’t wait to give it a try. I will let you know how it turns out! I have never tried anything like this before…but I love butternut squash, and any time that I can find some new way to cook with it I’m willing to try anything!

7.) I always try to find a good way to end these posts, something that sort of ties all of my random ramblings together. There is nothing that can do that this week. I think my post may be too random, however among the randomness there is beauty. Like the things that I find and buy at Goodwill. Someone looked at that odd yellow dress and tossed it out, but I can see the beauty in it….with some work the beauty comes out. Much like our Creator, we may not see beauty, or meaning in ourselves or other things, but with the Creator always sees the beauty in what we see as random, or meaningless.

Have a great Friday everyone, and a great weekend. Check back later in the week for those tutorials, I’ll try to have them up so you can see the finished products…..if you’re interested that is.


A Little Bit Thrifty

I found myself this week in my local Goodwill…..when I go into Goodwill, I don’t normally have a plan or anything specific that I look for, but when I see “IT” I know it. I walked out with three pieces.

It doesn’t look like much now. In fact, it’s pretty plain. You can’t really see it in this picture with the terrible lighting, but it’s kind of a dark mustard color. I saw it on the rack and knew that I could turn it into something that I would wear. 

I LOVE this dress! It fits great, and it is a great color and design, and the fabric is forgiving….but it is WAY TOO SHORT!! This one I don’t need to really do any work on. I fold up the bottom half when I wear it with pants, and I will wear a skirt over top of it and leave it long. No sewing necessary.

I inspected this one for a loooooooooong time when I saw it. I broke many of my own rules with this one. Number one, it’s too small (about one size too small). Number two, non-stretch fabric. If I’m going to do a refashion on something that is starting out small already I really like having a fabric that will stretch. After really inspecting it: Turning it inside out, looking at each seam, figuring out how the layers are put together, just exactly WHAT would need to be done with it….I bought it. I was drawn to it because of the color, the design, the feel of the fabric, and the fullness of the skirt.

So, with these I will be doing a little bit of refashioning to either update the look, or make it wearable for my own comfort. When I do the refashions look for the tutorials here! I am going out this weekend to get some supplies, so tutorials are coming soon!

Until then…happy thrifting!


7 Quick Takes: 1/11/13

I’m so happy that Jen is back at the helm this week! She is still recovering, and still in my prayers, help her in yours as well. I’ll be linking up with her over at Conversion Diary……

Here we go…

1.) Friday caught me off guard this week, it really sort of snuck up on me and I wasn’t at all prepared for this post today. Well, there’s one!

2.) Winter semester starts officially on Monday, I have loved having so much time off….being home with my family, and just hanging out.

3.) I don’t mind winter, as long as there is snow on the ground, once it warms up and the snow melts away I want it to be warm and sunny all the time and get depressed with the next big snowfall. I know that it comes with living in Michigan but, it’s the same every year and after a while I just want to back my bags and head someplace warm…Florida, California, Arizona, Hawaii …..anywhere warmer than here would be perfect!

4.) I did a little sewing to keep myself busy this week, you can read about that HERE.

5.) After the holidays got over with, I got back to strictly counting my calories, and exercising….I’m to a point where my body is getting back in line, and I could eat anything that’s not nailed down in this house. I’m getting used to a certain number of calories again….but I feel GOOD!

6.) Tonight, I am (finally) going to go see Les Mis. I have been waiting a long time for this one, and I can’t wait!

7.) I wrote a little bit last week about the youth retreat that I am chaperoning, please continue to pray for as as we plan for this weekend. Pray for the kids as they prepare, and pray that God would ready their hearts for what’s in store. Pray also for Jen, as she continues to heal, pray that God will work in her, and bring a swift recovery.


DIY: Maxi Skirt

For Christmas my aunt gave me a gift card for Hobby Lobby….which for me, is like giving liquor to an alcoholic! I go crazy in that store; yarn, needles, fabric, cross stitch kits, embroidery floss (at only forty cents a piece, I can have fun with that)….I could go on, but then I might bore you to tears.

Before I went off track I mentioned that I received a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas, today, I finally used it. I have a single maxi skirt in my closet that, although very versatile, it’s the only one I have and it is bright blue….not a great color for fall and winter. I decided that I would make my own maxi skirt.

Here is how I did it:

I started with four yards of brown Jersey Knit fabric (I was quite generous with the yardage, that way I will have more left over for other projects)

Brown Jersey Knit (Sorry about the terrible lighting)

Next, I grabbed my favorite blue maxi and used it as a guide for the length, and side seam measurements for the new skirt. 
Favorite blue Maxi, wrinkled from spending all of fall in the back of my closet

I then pinned about an inch longer than the blue skirt, instead of going for the half circle cut of the blue, I wanted a straight skirt. It doesn’t flair out like the blue, but it still fits nicely. 

Pin, Pin, Pin

After all of that pinning, I cut straight across….

Just that simple
After that, I cut a piece of my extra fabric to create a waistband for the skirt….I like my skirts to sit at my natural waist, so the waistband size is all up to your personal preference. 
Waistband, I ended up folding it in half so that is wasn’t nearly as wide, but was thicker
Now for the fun part, sewing! I pinned up the side, and ran it through the machine, TWICE. I use a zig-zag stitch (just because I feel like it is more secure as far as seams are concerned. (and yes, I did say that I ran it through twice, better safe than sorry)
Sew, Sew, Sew
after sewing my side seam, I worked on my waistband, getting it ready to sew onto the skirt. 
More sewing
With the skirt, and waistband already sewn up, I pinned on the waistband and got ready for more sewing
I highly recommend that when you sew on your waist band you use a bobbin of elastic thread, the only issue that I have found with this, is that unfortunately you have to wind the bobbin by hand otherwise your machine stretches out the thread, and it tends to not come out as well….or maybe that is just my experience, and if that’s the case any advice on how to fix that would be greatly appreciated. 
Elastic Thread; spool and bobbin

I attached the waistband, cleaned up my edges, cut off any excess fabric that I had, and viola!
 My finished product…..(with bare feet and the bottom half of my favorite 
whatever-color-you-want-to-call-it peplum top!
I had so much fun doing this project, it was a great thing for a cold, windy, wintery day in Michigan! 
I still have a few yards of this fabric left…..stay tuned to see what becomes of it!