Friday Favorites: Alone On Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Andrea today to share my Friday Favorites and since I’m already late getting this done I will spare you a long introduction and just get right to it….

(small intro, sorry!!) I’m single and will be spending Valentine’s Day at home catching up on things for work and school, editing a novel, working on the development of a new series, and enjoying a relaxed, not at all stressful Saturday at home…the first such day in a VERY long time….

1.) I will be watching this movie:

My all time favorite romantic comedy, a twist on Pride and Prejudice, starring the amazing Tom Hanks…you cannot go wrong with this movie.

2.) I will be cooking dinner for my family – one of my favorite things to do and we will be having Chicken Pitas with Whipped Jalapeno Feta courtesy of Janssen at Everyday Reading.  I prepped these tonight – the feta and tzatziki sauce are probably two of the most delicious things I’ve had in a while!! I highly recommend this recipe!!

3.) I will also soon be making a batch of Shay’s Chocolate Chip Neiman Marcus Bars – they are my dad’s absolute favorite and a close second is her S’Mores Bars. These are the most baked things in my house even though I have tried to explain to my dad that there is a new recipe every week that I would like to try…these two are favorites in my house. Mom and dad both love them and I love to make them!

4.) Here’s the thing – I’m not actually going to be “alone” on Valentine’s Day, I’m going to spend the day surrounded by family, sure I’m single but that’s okay. I’m not defined by my relationship status – I know that God has someone out there for me, that someday I will get to share my life with a husband, make a home for a family, and I’m content where I am in my life right now. I’m single, I’m happy, and I’m loving my life right now!!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy Valentine’s Day!