7 Quick Takes: 5/31/13 The One Where Megan Decides She Doesn’t Like Computers

I can’t believe that it’s already May 31st! Time sure does fly by doesn’t it?? I’ll be honest, not much actually happened this week, at least nothing exciting….but, I’ll share with anyone willing to read! Here we go….

1.) I spent a wonderful Memorial Day on Monday with my family, in remembrance of my paternal Grandfather, an Air Force veteran, and my maternal Grandfather, a firefighter for 40+ years. We cook out, play yard games, eat too much food, and watch some baseball. We always make it a point to watch the Memorial Day Concert on PBS….they air it the Sunday night before Memorial Day…and it never fails to move me to tears. I’d like to say thank you again to all of our active duty and retired service men and women, and those who paid the ultimate price………

2.) By Tuesday I was back to work. Before I tell you about that, here is a little back story for you. Last week at work, my hard drive crashed on my computer. This was a non issue, because I was covering the front desk, meaning I didn’t need my computer because I was using the one up front….keep in mind however that mine did in fact crash……… I tried the whole “Turn it off and back on again” thing. It seemed to work at first. I got to the “bio” screen (it said “DELL” in big letters) and then I got a blue screen with some kind of code that I didn’t understand. I turned it off again and turned it back on…this time; a big fat nothing. Black screen, no “bio” screen, no blue screen….absolutely nothing.

3.) Like I said, non issue because I was covering for another secretary and used her computer while she was gone. I love working the front desk, and answering the phones. I consider myself a people person and love being able to talk to the people from our church, and our district. Now, I do answer phones even when I’m not covering the front, so I get to interact with lots of people throughout the week.

4.) We had some pretty massive storms head through our area on Tuesday night this week, a few tornadoes touched down near us, leveling some houses and damaging a few schools. Nothing quite as bad as Oklahoma, but pretty scary nevertheless.

5.) By Thursday, my computer was back (Yay!!), however, it is brand new, and needed most everything re-installed. No biggie. I don’t mind taking an hour to re-install what needs to be re-installed. As long as I’m able to that is. There were a few things that I wasn’t able to re-install because my administrative rights need to be reset….again no-biggie.

6.) Here’s where things get interesting (read: weird, funny, just plain odd). I started working on a pretty good sized project; Brochures that contain maps, descriptions of classes, staff lists, all kinds of information. Printed in color, on special paper….you get the idea right? Big project. I went to print off a sample for approval. I went to printer settings to print two-sided and in color. Everything was in Spanish. EVERYTHING! You know the scene in Toy Story 3, where they reset Buzz and he goes into Spanish Mode? That’s what it felt like. All I could do was laugh out loud at how crazy it was, and follow the little pictures as best as I could to get the right settings. When I took Spanish in middle school, they certainly didn’t prepare us for this! I had no idea what anything was saying, but I know the settings pretty well, and like I said the pictures helped!

7.) I decided on Thursday, that I’m incompetent when it comes to computers. I can use them just fine, but if something goes wrong I rely on our IT guys…and God bless ’em because they have to deal with me. I have a friend that builds his own computers, and when he used to tell me about it I would get lost in all the tech talk. I don’t understand computers; I can turn one on, do the work I need to do, write a blog post, send some e-mails…..but if something goes wrong I’m completely helpless. So, (very, very) long story (not so) short. I’m not a technical person, but God bless those who are!!
Sorry for the long, rambling post today, and to think, I said I had nothing to share! So much for that huh!? 
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Enjoy your weekend!