What have I done!?

That is of course, a rhetorical question…I know exactly what I’ve done…and there’s no going back now.

It’s not earth-shattering, or life changing, nothing is hanging in the balance…I’ve just made some changes.

I scrapped my novel (it’s still on my computer to be revisited later if I feel like going back…I’ve learned that lesson the hard way!).


It’ll be fine, I know it, I have a new (BETTER!) idea…it’s actually an old idea; this is an idea that I began turning into a full fledged…something…a few years ago and wanted to continue but LOST THE FILE!

So we’ll see what happens.

I hope I don’t regret this.




My Google History Is Weird

I’m thinking of making this a series…

As a writer, I’m almost always writing something -whether it’s a novel, short story, finishing a prompt – I always have something going on and sometimes I have to turn to Google for help with research.

So, in this first edition of “My Google History is Weird” we have….

1.) “Anatomy of an aircraft carrier” – this is for a mystery/thriller that I’m working on where my narrator and main antagonist are both former Navy and served together on an aircraft carrier…of which I really only knew one thing, they hold planes and people. This search led to some very interesting results!

2.) “Who is the President of Panama?” – this search was for a research paper that I wrote for my Comparative politics class…(by the way, it’s Juan Carlos Varela)

3.) “Explain it to me like I’m five – image” – because sometimes this is the best reaction .gif to send to someone.


4.) “Character Name Generator” – because, let’s be honest, I’m awful at naming my characters…I think I should probably just bookmark the name generator…

5.) “What would be the rank of a navy fighter pilot?” – because I know next to nothing about military ranks…I should probably bookmark this page too, at least until I’m done with this project.

and finally, the strangest search in my history, the one that would probably make people scratch their heads the most…

6.) “Civil war battlefield medical techniques”– I knew what I was getting into with this one but I still don’t think I was prepared. This one as you can likely guess was for a civil war era historical fiction project that is still ongoing…however, thanks to google, much of the research is done!

I’m really thinking I might turn this into a series because as long as I’m still writing, I’ll be using Google for help with research and probably turning out more weird searches!

Until next time!