Book Review: I’ll Be Yours by: Jenny B. Jones

If you’ve been a reader here for any length of time you know that Jenny B. Jones is one of my favorite authors! She writes humorous, intelligent YA Fiction that is TOP NOTCH!

Among some of my favorites are the Katie Parker Production series, the Charmed Life series, and A Sugar Creek Christmas to name a few.

I was given the opportunity to read her newest YA novel, I’ll Be Yours in exchange for an honest review…I’ll Be Yours hits shelves on March 22, and trust me, you’re going to want to get yourself a copy!


She’s the coach’s brilliant daughter, clueless about love.
He’s the dethroned football star, ready to teach Romance 101.
When dark secrets and sparks collide, there’s no playbook for what happens next.

Harper O’Malley is a self proclaimed band geek (boy can I relate to that),she has scars, she has a troubled past, but she has a family that loves her. Her dad is the local university’s head football coach – life seems close to perfect and then it all falls apart.

Ridley Estes is a star football player with a past of his own; he needs tutoring in order to get to college and play college football…Harper is the girl for the job…on the condition that Ridley will teach her how to flirt.

One of the things I absolutely love about Jenny’s books is how relatable her characters always are; its as though you are sitting down with a cup of coffee and chatting with an old friend! Her books are laugh out loud funny, thoughtful, and sometimes heartbreakingly (it’s a word) real. She knows how to tug at your heartstrings in one sentence and have you rolling on the floor laughing in the next.

Harper is a character that I can identify with (for the most part); a band geek, academically minded young woman with no idea how to flirt with a boy….hello high school Meg! She rescues mistreated animals, deals with torment from her older brother and the boys on her dad’s football team (who are collectively one of the funniest characters in the book!)…but she has a past; she has scars that she tries to hide – both physical and emotional. She has dreams that torment her, and when her…I don’t want to use the word perfect because it has kind of a sarcastic connotation sometimes…maybe ideal is the right word….

When her ideal world…nope perfect works…

When her perfect world falls apart, her past comes back to haunt her – the scars, the dreams, the pain….it got to a point while reading (and yes, I am an emotional person even on a good day so…) where I couldn’t help but cry! I wanted to scoop Harper up like an overprotective big sister and hug her and cry with her! (Again, this is what Jenny’s books do! They make you feel things!)

Ridley is a character that is not quite so easy to identify with – tall, dark, and handsome football player, forced by his circumstances to grow up rather quickly, with a bit of a troubled history.

Ridley and Harper’s relationship initially is all business – she helps him with his academics and he helps her win the second chair trumpet player’s heart.

I want to keep this review relatively spoiler free so I’m going to leave the above statement as is….just the facts : )

As Harper and Ridley face their own challenges, they grow closer together (making Mr. Second Chair a bit jealous). Harper can open up to Ridley about things she doesn’t tell anyone else….and let me just be honest, I prefer Ridley to Mr. Second Chair too : )

Here’s the thing — while not explicitly Christian Fiction, this novel has a few great story lines that deal with forgiveness and redemption…Harper and her bio-mom, Harper and her (adopted) Dad, even one of Harper’s rescued dogs gets a new lease on life.

There is this little thread of redemption that weaves its way throughout the whole book; it brings the characters together in ways you won’t expect, and shows that even in some of the most awful situations – forgiveness is still possible given enough time. Not just forgi

Chalk this one up as another homerun…or touchdown from Jenny B. Jones!

Remember, I’ll Be Yours hits the shelves on March 22nd, or you can pre-order it right now on Amazon.

10/10, would recommend! Check it out, you’re going to love it!