Friday Favorites

It has been a long while since I’ve written anything so why not start off with a few of my FAVORITE things right now!? 

First things first, Beautiful: A Carole King Musical. I am completely IN LOVE with this soundtrack! When the show makes its way to Detroit or back to Chicago – it is definitely on my must see list…but for now I will continue to rock out to the amazing soundtrack! 

I am also enjoying iPad versions of my favorite board games. The best way to relax (for me anyway) is sitting down after a long work day or after I’ve done homework and starting a game. Don’t get me wrong – I love playing irl but it’s hard to get people’s schedules to mesh so that we can have a game night so…I have three of my favorites downloaded to my tablet: Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, and Ticket to Ride. My favorite way to de-stress! 

Pandemic unfortunately (sometimes fortunately!) is only single player, so you get to play as the whole team, which sometimes is great but if you lose you have no one to blame but yourself! 

I’m LOVING the current season of Downton Abbey and have actually begun a rewatch of the series with season one! My favorite thing is re-meeting the characters; watching Mary and Matthew *sobs* meet each other again, seeing Sybil again *even more sobs* … I’m loving it! 

I have lots of other favorites that probably aren’t worth listing here but, let me know in the comments what YOU are enjoying right now! 




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