It’s so weird sitting at home, watching national news and seeing pictures of my town. 

Seeing Flint Michigan in the news is just. plain. weird. 

WATER is a basic human right.

WATER is needed for cooking, cleaning, bathing. 

The WATER in Flint is toxic. It’s poisoning the people who drink it.

Instead of pointing fingers and placing blame our governor SHOULD be actively trying to fix this horrific problem. 

No one should ever have to go without water they can drink…no one. 

  How am I supposed to teach kids the importance of water when half of them live in a home with water they can’t drink!? 
I’m sorry for this crazy, unorganized post….

It just breaks my heart

Absolutely breaks my heart. 


The Force Is Strong With This One…

When I was a young girl I loved Star Wars (I still love Star Wars!), I love the original trilogy; the score, the light sabers, the Falcon.

From age five to about six, I would watch A New Hope (episode IV) almost daily. I had a Princess Leia costume (a white pillow case with neck and arm holes cut out), and a wrapping paper tube light saber. I would play princesses with my cousin and she would dress up in the poofy, Disney licensed dress and I would don my pillowcase and tell her emphatically “but I’m a Princess too! In a galaxy far far away!” 

I just saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it!!) and I felt like I was five years old again! The magic of Star Wars that I once loved (that was dashed away by the prequels….so meesa thinks we won’t talk about those) was there in The Force Awakens. 

Rey is what I wanted to be when I played pretend so many years ago; she is strong and independent, doesn’t need (or want?) a man to save her, she is brave, and she £*~># %#^*+=•¥£>….sorry, I had to stop myself before I spoiled anything!!! 

Finn is amazingly human. As a child I never imagined the men under the Storm Troopers’ helmets – I mean, I knew that there were people under there but I always thought the actual Storm Troopers were robotic somehow. When Finn takes off that helmet and you get a glimpse of the humanity under the helmet I have to admit I was overcome with emotion. Finn wants to change his life and when he meets up with Poe and Rey he sets off on an journey that will do just that. 

Poe Dameron was amazing! He was funny, sarcastic, an amazing pilot (the best in the resistance) and really made you remember the magic of the original trilogy. Watching these three characters be introduced was so reminiscent of A New Hope and meeting Luke, Leia, and Han for the first time which brings me to…

Han Solo. 

When Harrison Ford first came on screen with Chewbacca by his side, I shed a little tear. When he and Leia saw each other for the first time I shed a lot of tears. 

Leia leading the resistance? Brilliant. Carrie Fisher is a gem! 

Let’s talk about Kylo Ren for a minute (no spoilers, I promise!); for quite a while in the movie he is this sinister, masked figure (with a super cool light saber!), clearly doing someone else’s bidding. At one point he removes his mask and Adam Driver delivers some pretty emotional scenes without that mask. There are two scenes in particular that I’m thinking of – I won’t share them here because you guys, I don’t want you spoiled – but good grief Adam Driver’s performance made my heart hurt for Kylo Ren, when he faces ******* inside the hangar (I think it was a hangar, I don’t know) and then when he faces ******* in the forest -both times without the mask – you could just see this raw emotion in his eyes…ugh, it broke my heart. 

The thing is, this is what Star Wars is supposed to be! The Force Awakens had all the magic of the original trilogy, the actors had awesome chemistry – making for great scenes between all of them – and made you feel like they really became these characters. 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and if you’re like me you’ll hit the person next to you out of excitement (it was just my mom not a stranger so don’t worry). All that is to say that The Force Awakens didn’t disappoint!