On Red Cups and Priorities

Good grief friends, if I have to read one more click-bait article on Christians who are upset that Starbucks (a secular corporation mind you) has removed holiday symbols from their seasonal cups this year I will be sick. 

Real talk for a minute folks – Starbucks removed swirls, snowflakes, snowmen, ice skates, etc….from their Christmas cups. Okay, that is their prerogative, it is as I said a secular, for profit corporation to simplify – they can do what they want! 

The last time I checked, snowflakes and snowmen are not Christian symbols of Christmas; the star of Bethlehem, a manger scene, Angels and what have you – yes, these are somewhat representative of what we believe Christmas is all about Charlie Brown. 

If I as a Christian am relying on Starbucks to proclaim my beliefs on a cup that is in stores for a few months instead of sharing the gospel with people myself then I’m doing something wrong as a Christian. 

Romans 12:1 says “do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed…” why then, should we expect the world to conform to us and our beliefs? 

As Christians we need to get our priorities in order; people are outraged over a paper cup but not the persecution of Christians and refugees in the Middle East. Poverty and hunger is rampant in our communities; children are shuffled in and out of the system like cards in a deck. Schools are being shot up on what seems like a weekly basis, bomb threats, and extremist attacks are mentioned on the news daily, and planes are blown out of the sky but sure, let’s get upset about a paper cup. 

Friends, we don’t want the world to think of Christians as the grumpy people that boycott everything in sight or the ones who get angry over trivial things. We want the world to see us as the hands and feet of Christ himself; sharing the gospel, loving the lost, and being respectful of people who believe differently than we do. 

If your knickers are in a twist over a red paper cup maybe, just maybe, you’re looking for the gospel of Jesus Christ in the wrong place.