Vacation Reading Round-Up

For road trips I always pick 3-5 (depending on time spent in the car) physical books to pack in my bag along with my Kindle because come on, 3-5 books, yeah that’s about two days in the car for me.

The first book I chose (and finished on the drive from Michigan to Kentucky was Amy Poehler’s Yes Please.

Amusing, heartfelt, and at times surprisingly serious. This book made me laugh, cry, and learn…the mark of a great book if you ask me.

One part memoir, one part handbook for life 100% enjoyable and endearing. She talks about her life getting into comedy, her various writing pursuits, time spent on Saturday Night Live….being a mom, going through a divorce, ;being the best you that you can be.

I was pleasantly surprised by Amy’s serious side. I also have the audio version that she reads herself with several of her friends including Seth Myers, Carol Burnett, and Mike Schur.

The second book I had in my bag was Melanie Shankle’s newest book Nobody’s Cuter Than You: A Memoir About the Beauty of Friendship.


This book is all about why female friendships are important and it made me grateful for my wonderful girl friends. It made me appreciate the effort we put in with long distance friendships, the joy of having a friend that is just a text away when I need her, and a friend that keeps me accountable.

I laughed out loud, cried, and thanked God again for me dear friends. Mel has such a way with words that I was captivated from the first page and couldn’t put this book down….which is why I’m glad I was in the car. I read this from Kentucky to Dallas and finished it in the hotel that first night in texas.

The third book I chose was Sophie Hudson’s new book Home is Where My People Are. 


This book made me want to move down south as soon as I could. Sophie has such a unique writing style and voice you feel like you are sitting in the room with her as she relays the stories of her life. The importance of family, faith and friends (and of course fried chicken). I’d recommend reading both of her books as they are equally amazing.

I picked up a few books on vacation as well, Laura Bush’s memoir Spoken from the Heart, and Lilly Koppel’s Astronaut Wives Club…I look forward to reading them both in the coming weeks!

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Friday Favorites: TEXAS ROAD TRIP Edition

Hey ya’ll : )


It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Friday Favorites! I’m linking up with Andrea and sharing a ton of pictures today (sorry about that!)…

I just returned home from a week long trip to Texas and I have to tell you…it was pretty awesome!

We started out in Dallas…we went to Tillman’s Roadhouse for dessert in the evening before checking into our hotel my FAVORITE thing was the tabletop s’mores that we had for dessert; homemade marshmallows, homemade graham crackers, and chocolate bark….can you say DELICIOUS?!


Dining room at Tillman’s Roadhouse in Dallas


I fell in love with the whole feel of this place: art on the walls, mismatched pillows on the benches….


Dark chocolate, homemade marshmallows, homemade grahams, and a little pot of fire to roast them over…


Roasting our marshmallows


seriously, ya’ll are lucky I remembered to take a picture before I devoured this whole thing!

These were delicious : )

When we woke up the next morning we headed into the heart of downtown and made our way to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. My FAVORITE thing is to visit anything historical and this is THE very BEST presidential museum I’ve visited (and I’ve visited my fair share…..9, plus birth places, childhood homes, and various other historical sites…I’m a total history nerd!)


Super blurry, but this was the view of Dallas as we came in from the south after leaving Tillman’s


The Baseball exhibit at George W. Bush’s museum…if you’ve been reading for a while you know that baseball holds a special place in my heart; its something that I share with my dad and walking through this part of the exhibit with him was really cool….


Bush 43 throwing out the first pitch in Yankee Stadium during the 2001 world series just a month after the terror attacks that rocked our nation….and behind him, his dad Bush 41 with Babe Ruth.


Son and Father…Daughter and Father : )


Laura’s Reading Room


Laura’s red State Dinner dress (this picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice).


Beams from the World Trade Center


The Oval Office….


Barney and Miss Beazley


“Grateful for our freedom…Faithful to our cause…”

 After the GWB Museum we headed off to Dealey Plaza…and the Sixth Floor Museum…


The Grassy Knoll

DSCF1002 DSCF1008 DSCF1011 DSCF1013 DSCF1014 DSCF1016

This was a very sobering, very heavy place to be…to stand in a place where history was changed in an instant was….incredible.

After Dallas, which was definitely a FAVORITE place we hopped in the car and drove to…


In Austin we had some of the best barbecue I’ve ever tasted at The Salt Lick BBQ in Round Rock. The ribs… My FAVORITE! 

The next morning we headed out to the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Museum and then had lunch at the Austin Daily Press in the afternoon where I had my FAVORITE lunch of the trip…they make amazing pressed sandwiches and homemade chips; you can find them in Austin at a brick and mortar location OR they also have a food truck operating in the city, either way you can’t lose with the ADP!


After lunch we got in the car once again and made our way to…

San Antonio!

This was probably my FAVORITE leg of the trip; we went to The Alamo and The Riverwalk.

The Alamo was another one of those very heavy, very sobering places to visit. Knowing the history, knowing how valiantly the Texans fought to defend their position and laying down their lives to defend it just gives you a very heavy heart…and the history is pretty amazing.

 DSCF1023 DSCF1076

We had my FAVORITE food for dinner that night on the Riverwalk, MEXICAN : )

IMG_2843 IMG_2845

 After a night in San Antonio we packed up (AGAIN!) and drove to…

Houston, where we visited the Johnson Space Center. I don’t have a lot to say about this because the nerd in me could write a book about this part of the trip so I will be doing a separate post for this leg of the trip) for now, here are pictures of my FAVORITE things at the JSC…


Inside Historic Mission Control…the pictures that follow are of various rockets, engines and shuttles….


Earth Rise, one of my FAVORITE pictures

DSCF1034 DSCF1035 DSCF1037 DSCF1038 DSCF1039 DSCF1040 DSCF1041 DSCF1043 DSCF1051 DSCF1057 DSCF1060 DSCF1064 DSCF1066 DSCF1067 DSCF1068 DSCF1070 DSCF1071 DSCF1077 DSCF1078 DSCF1080 DSCF1082 DSCF1083

After the morning and afternoon in the JSC we headed out to College Station and the campus of Texas A&M (Go Aggies!)

After a night in B-CS we woke up and took a drive around campus and then visited the George H. W. Bush Presidential Museum (two more FAVORITES for this trip!!)


Dear old Dad on campus at Texas A&M


George H.W. Bush….the following pictures are from his museum

DSCF1087 DSCF1088 DSCF1089 DSCF1090 DSCF1091 DSCF1092 DSCF1093 DSCF1095 DSCF1096 DSCF1097 DSCF1098 DSCF1099 DSCF1103 DSCF1104 DSCF1108 DSCF1109 DSCF1111 DSCF1113

President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush and President and Mrs. George W. Bush are my FAVORITE Presidents and first ladies. Regardless of how you feel about their politics they are good people. I got a very familiar, warm feeling in each of their museums, almost as if you are an old friend sitting down with them and listening to them share their lives! I highly recommend visiting these tow museums!

After a great day in College Station we packed up and started our journey back to Michigan; with a stop in Little Rock, Arkansas and a stop in Lexington, Kentucky we made it home!

I would like to ask (if you made it to the end of this CRAZY LONG post) please join me in praying for Texas! With the rain, and flooding, and all the crazy the people of Texas are pretty heavy on my heart right now. I thank God for keeping us safe while we were in Texas last week and my heart goes out to all of the wonderful people I met and I pray that they all stay safe!

Thanks for letting me share my travels with you (and sorry for the abundance of pictures!)




Good afternoon friends! I just wanted to pop by and let you know that I have not disappeared off of the face of the Earth but because of a weird schedule I’ve been on the road without a computer and not able to post like I’d like to. Look for some recaps, reviews, and general randomness coming next week, until then…