I Don’t Know About You…

But I’m feeling 22….

Today is my 22nd birthday which feels really weird to say aloud…22…I’m 22. I have work today and I’m also a Delegate to District Assembly for the Eastern Michigan District Church of the Nazarene so I thought I would use my post today to tell you twenty two things about myself….

1.) I’m an only child

2.) I’m okay with being an only child, it didn’t effect me negatively growing up and I really appreciate the relationships I have with my family members

3.) I work as an Administrative Professional – which is a fancy way of saying I’m a secretary, specifically I’m the Adult Ministries Assistant in the church office where I work.

4.) It’s at this point in the post that I’m really struggling to come up with 22 unique things  to share….

5.) My favorite movie is the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice and no one will ever convince me that any other version is better

6.) My favorite television shows are Parks and Recreation and The West Wing – both explore the inner workings of government but both do it very, very differently…also, Rob Lowe : ) 

7.) I will very frequently respond to texts from my mom with Parks and Rec quotes or pictures and respond to my dad with West Wing quotes….

8.) My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird

9.) Since freshman year in high school I have read Harper Lee’s classic at least once a year so if my math is right I’ve read the book at the very least 10 times

10.) I have kind of an addiction to YouTube – I am subscribed to several channels and creators that post daily and I love them.

11.) RE: Number 10 – some of my favorites have to do with Science: SciShow, Veritasium, Minute Physics, The Brain Scoop, and Animal Wonders to name a few.

12.) I’m past the half-way point and if you’re still reading you deserve an award of some kind…which I can’t give you but, I will promise never to do a post like this again! I needed to get a post off today so that I stick to my consistent posting promise…so this is what you get.

13.) Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher…

14.) I entered college as a nursing major…

15.) I am currently a psychology major…

16.)…and after months of prayer and soul searching…I am planning on using my degree in psychology as my foot in the door for teaching….I think I should have just followed my heart years ago…

17.)  I am a total history buff and I read lots and lots of historical texts…for fun! Specifically I love studying the Civil War and to go even more specifically I have always loved studying the battle of Gettysburg….

18.) I enjoy reading biographies – political biographies are my favorite. I’m currently reading Laura Bush’s memoir Spoken From the Heart

19.) Laura Bush is my favorite First Lady

20.) I love baseball – I am a fan of the Detroit Tigers; I have visited six stadiums around the country and would love to visit more.

21.) I do not enjoy celebrating my birthday…

22.) …but nothing gives me more joy than celebrating with other people on their’s.

Thanks for sticking with me through this…..

Happy Monday.




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