Show & Tell Tuesday: Most Embarrassing Moment

It’s Show & Tell Tuesday and I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to share my most embarrassing moment.

Oh boy….

I’m a bit of a nerd, also a bit of a klutz…embarrassing moments abound in my history so choosing one that I’m okay with posting on the internet for all to see…

I was in marching band in high school and I loved it

Exhibit A

Before high school I was in the middle school band and before that the elementary school band.

As an elementary school band student you are given the opportunity to march in the homecoming parade and pre-game show. I thought I was hot stuff in fifth grade when I got to march on the field before the big homecoming game.

I was so excited — I got to get out of school early to take a bus to the parade gathering spot, lined up with the other fifth grade band students from the three other elementary schools in the district, and mostly just felt cool….adult me looks back on that day and wants to tell fifth grade me to cool it because pride goeth before the fall….

We marched the mile and a half from the gathering spot to the middle school where the football field is located. We had a spaghetti dinner in the school cafeteria with our families and then it was time to line up with the high school band.

This is when things get a little complicated for me…

We line up and please keep in mind here that I’m not coordinated, and while I may be a musician, even now I do better playing sitting down than playing and marching and counting and paying attention to where everyone else is on the field…..

We line up — I’m standing with the melophone section leaders on either side of me, the drums play their roll-off and we start to march.

I’m watching the I’m in – the people on either side of me and in front of me…and then we stop and turn to face the stands….

Suddenly the person who was in front of me is gone, there is no one in front of or behind me.

I stopped in the wrong spot but there was nowhere to go apparently I caused everyone behind me — even the big shot high school marchers to stop a half yard farther than they should have….on homecoming…in front of a sell out crowd…playing our biggest rivals….

Looking back on it today I can laugh but the night it happened I tried my hardest not to cry in the middle of the fight song, walked back to the band room with my head down avoiding the high school band director and agonizing over the thought of high school marching band some day.

Well that embarrassed fifth grade french horn player eventually grew up and went on to high school marching band and Symphony Band. It’s a great story to tell and laugh at now…thankfully that was in a day where camera phones weren’t very prevalent so there is NO PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE praise the Lord!

I do however have photos from my later band days….

All in all I have some pretty great memories from band, long lasting friendships, and what seem like permanent blisters on my heels from the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life!

To this day when I hear a roll-off I have to stop myself from snapping into attention, I correct my steps in the grocery store to be in tempo with the music…a far cry from that little fifth grader that walked a half yard too far and screwed up her whole line!




3 thoughts on “Show & Tell Tuesday: Most Embarrassing Moment

  1. Erin says:

    I loved this post! Totally reminds me of 4th grade when I was in a dance recital. I tripped and knocked down everyone around me right on stage in front of a crowd (my mom even got it on camera, ha!) Definitely funny to look back on, but I was mortified when it happened!


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