Friday Favorites: Spring is Springing Edition

Hello and happy Friday dear friends! I haven’t done a Friday Favorites in a while and the unseasonably warm weather we are having today has inspired me to link up with Andrea and share some of my favorite things for Spring!


1.) Skechers EZ Flex walking shoes are my new favorites – I couldn’t find the exact shoe that I bought but, these are similar. I got these specifically for vacation this year — we are heading down to Texas for a week and hitting up all the major cities – Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin…just to name a few. I figured if I’m going to spend my days walking around Texas I want to at least be comfortable and as a bonus these are super cute.

2.) My favorite product for spring and summer is Band Aid Brand Blister Block Stick this stuff is amazing! Just rub the stick on wherever your shoes rub uncomfortably and it prevents blisters! I carry one in my bag on vacations just in case anyone in the family needs it (of course I’m usually the only one who does). This and some band aids just in case — blisters are NOT my favorite but this product works miracles as far as preventing them.

3.) With the arrival of spring comes one of my most favorite things and that is Major League Baseball. You guys, I’m excited!! I’m a little nervous for my Detroit Tigers this year — there have been some unfortunate disabled list designations already this spring but things are looking up…this could be our year!


(L to R: Grandma, Me, Mom (photo cred. to Dad) in Chicago watching the Tigers play the Cubs in Interleague Play)

4.) Lindy Bop Vintage Inspired Dresses 

Usually in the spring I make a trip to the fabric store and hunt down a springy fabric to make myself a dress…this year instead of making a dress I hunted this one down and decided to go for it. It’s only slightly more than I would spend on fabric if I was to make my own and as a bonus it’s ridiculously cute!

So, there are just a few of my favorites for Spring as it seems to be just around the corner now. My real favorite would be for the snow to just disappear and the warm weather to automatically show up as soon as the calendar turns to March but that is just wishful thinking!!




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