Late Night Writing

I love to write late at night – alone in my room with nothing but my music and my ideas to keep me company. Tonight’s soundtrack is an odd mix of movie soundtracks and old standards. When I started out tonight I was writing to the score of Saving Mr. Banks (one of my absolute favorite movies) now I’m getting a little Tony Bennett mixed in, and some good old fashioned gospel music.

Somehow, having music on when I write helps with the flow of ideas – this is something that I realized at a young age when I couldn’t focus on my homework alone at the kitchen table with no distractions. My mom used to get aggravated at me when it would take me hours and hours to complete work that should have only taken minutes. When I finally convinced her that I’d work better in the living room with music (or even the television) turned on I could work better.

Now, as an adult and soon to be published writer, I never work without music – cleaning, cooking, writing, even mowing the lawn – I have a constant stream of music.

I like nights like this – the house is silent but for my keyboard clicking and my music softly playing so as to not wake my family. The ideas aren’t flowing as fast as they usually do – probably because I’m about to fall asleep – but I have been able to write a full chapter tonight…of course I’m sure the majority of what I did will get scrapped in editing but that’s a concern for another night.

Thanks for indulging me and my late night rambling procrastinating…I need to get back to that novel draft now.


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