Friday Favorite’s: Snow Day!! Edition

Happy cold and snowy Friday to you all…and if you happen to be where it is not cold and snowy shout it out in the comments so I can dream of someplace warm!!

It is Friday and that means it’s time for Friday Favorites so I will be linking up once again with Andrea, and today, thanks to the bitter cold (think a wind chill of -10) I am staying in today and watching movies, baking cookies, and perusing the stack of cookbooks that I got from the library yesterday which brings me to my first favorite…

1.) Spike Mendelsohn’s cook book, The Good Stuff The name is not a lie…in the pages of this book is nothing but good stuff…burgers, salads, shakes, and sides…you guys this book is basically heaven for this Midwestern Girl, I highly recommend this book!

2.) Rachel Balducci’s Weekly Downton Abbey Recaps If you are a fan of the weekly (melo)Drama, Downton Abbey, Rachel’s recaps are a must read and really there isn’t much more I need to say about that!

3.) Favorite Posts On My Blog This Week aka, shameless self promotion! I’ve been participating in Andrea’s Show and Tell Tuesday series, however with this weeks I didn’t add my link to the list – simply because mine was not a traditional (non-fictional) love story. This week I decided (because I don’t have my own love story to share) to introduce readers to the stars of my latest novel, Hannah and Robert Bishopand I couldn’t introduce those two without also introducing Molly Williams. Check them out and let me know what you think! I’m working on developing a historical fiction series and these are the characters from the installment that centers around the Battle of Gettysburg but employs two timelines: 1.) 1863 and 2.) 2014/15. It has been pretty interesting writing the dual timelines and dealing with the historical research but right now the research is one of my Favorite Things. 

4.) It’s really no secret (to anyone who knows me) that I’m a bit of a nerd but, I’ve always had a deep love of history and researching the civil war – specifically the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 – has been one of my favorite things. I’ve been doing lots of reading, researching both the Union and Confederate armies and their commanders…seriously, I’m considering really diving deeper into writing historical fiction!

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great weekend, stay warm, and if you’re already someplace warm…enjoy it!




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