Show and Tell Tuesday: Groundhog Day

First off, if you are a regular visitor to Meg’s Corner Shelf you may notice 1.) that it looks quite a bit different than last time and 2.) I’m on a new hosting platform. I made the switch this week to WordPress and I have to say, I kind of love it! On to the point of this post though…Show and Tell Tuesday: Groundhog Day – if I could repeat one day over and over what would it be?

Honestly, I had a very VERY hard time coming up with a day that I’d want to live over and over again…the thing is there are several very significant days in my life but I don’t necessarily know that there are any I would want to repeat everyday, I almost think it would be better to choose a mundane, boring day on the calendar to repeat instead of an eventful, exciting day (if that makes any sense at all.)

I think, I might choose one of the days in July when I was writing my first novel – there was a day (and I don’t remember the date) where I spent almost the entire day writing, it sounds awful but it was one of the best days of my summer. You see, I love to just sit and write, I like to escape into worlds of my own creation and on that day I nearly finished my novel…and that’s where my dilemma comes into play….

If I repeat that day over and over again I’d never actually finish the novel, I’d be stuck somewhere in the middle forever – that said, the day that I would choose as my personal Groundhog Day would be July 27, 2014 – the day that I finished writing my first novel – I know that after a while it would start to get less exciting than it was that first day, but if I could repeat the feeling of finally finishing something so big, so monumental in my life I would love to!

The other (perfect) thing about this day is that the weather was gorgeous, I spent the entire day with my family enjoying the summer weather, working in the gardens outside, and ended the night with a family game night.

Honestly , it was the perfect day – I got to write all day, hang out with my family all day, and it was the one day all summer that wasn’t 90 degrees or more! I think that would be my Groundhog Day…but honestly, even after writing all of that – I’m STILL not sure if that is the day I would choose : )

Thanks for stopping by, as always, I’m linking up with Andrea to share this installment of Show and Tell Tuesday!




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