Friday Favorites:All About Books

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Favorites post so I figured I’d throw one together before heading in to work at the school today and link it up with Andrea… I don’t have a lot to share today just a few things from this week…

1.) The Public Library
So, apparently I’ve been living under a rock for my whole adult life because I just got my library card this week…it was my first time in a public library and to be honest I felt like a complete nincompoop walking up to the desk and saying something along the lines of “hi…uh…um, yeah I’ve never been here before….I need a um….(I think I may have whispered this last part as if I was in the midst of a drug deal or something)….library card.” I then proceeded to check out a stack of books and downloading the Overdrive App, leading me to…

2.) Overdrive
I downloaded Overdrive to my phone, added my library and immediately began browsing the available titles. You link to your library and can download e-books and audio books across devices and it is amazing! I ventured into the world of audio books for the first time – I’ve always been strictly a physical book reader (my poor Kindle is sitting neglected on my bookshelf as I type) but I have to say, the fact that I can listen to a book and clean (or sand the bare bathroom walls to get ready for paint) or run the snow blower on the driveway or while I’m laying in bed at night unable to fall asleep is pretty appealing to me.

3.) Bossypants by Tina Fey

My first audio book was Bossypants, by the always funny Tina Fey. This in a situation where I think I made the best choice opting for the audio book version because Tina fey does the reading. I laughed so much while listening to her tell her life (and career) story…as a first foray into the world of audio books I think this was a great choice and I have holds on a few more that I am really looking forward to!

4.) Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

Okay, I’ll give you a little more than that. Lauren Graham has such a great narrative style (which is not at all a surprise). This novel is one that has been on my “To Be Read” list for a while and thanks to the library I finally got my hands on it. I’m about halfway through and already love the story (and the very subtle Gilmore Girls references); the story itself is compelling and complex and just plain fun.

I do have a few more books in my basket that I look forward to reading and an ever growing TBR list.

What are your favorite books? Do you have an opinion on audio books? Any thing I need to add to my TBR list? Let me know in the comments!!



One thought on “Friday Favorites:All About Books

  1. Britt says:

    I make it a habit to read “The Last Battle” by C.S. Lewis every year. I don't have an audio book version of it, but I do have a radio theatre version by Focus on the Family and it is *awesome*. It's read more like a drama, skipping some of the filler, and is narrated by different actors and has sound effects and score. I'd pop the CD in while I did housework and could get through the book in a few hours. Absolutely loved it and highly recommend (I believe they did the entire Chronicles of Narnia as radio theatre, too, so all the books should be available.)
    Another book I'd love to try audio or radio theatre would be “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. I would insist it be narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston, though, as I think they'd both do a phenomenal job (PLEASE someone do a movie version of this and cast one of them as Sydney Carton! Lol!)


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