Show & Tell: Organization

Happy Tuesday! I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday and this week I’m sharing some organizational tips and tricks,

Here’s the thing, I do not at all feel qualified to share organizational tips but I’m going to try my best. There are four main things that I use to keep myself organized…

1.) Spiral bound planner
2.) Wall calendar
3.) iOS Calendar in my phone.
4.) Notepad app


I usually start with my phone; if I’m at church or work, texting a friend or out and about it’s easier to make a note in my notepad app with the basic information – date, time, location. Quick and easy.

From the notepad app I can click on the hyperlink that is created as soon as I enter a date and time and I’m redirected to my phone’s calendar where I can create the event and set a reminder. The problem with creating the event in my phone is that once I do, I can’t see it unless I’m deliberately opening the calendar app so this is when I start to write things down.

From the phone calendar I write the events on my monthly wall calendar that hangs beside my desk and also in my weekly planner.

This all may seem chaotic and unorganized but for important dates and events I like to have everything written down in several different places. When I pass by my calendar each day I can see if I have anything coming up, my phone sends me reminders, and my planner keeps me prepared.

School and Other Miscellaneous stuff….

For school I do things a little bit differently; because I take online courses I’m pretty much on my own in terms of assignments and class schedule. I can set the pace at which I complete assignments within the bounds of class due dates. So, at the beginning of each semester I print out the course syllabus and write EACH. and EVERY due date in my planner and on my wall calendar that way I am never surprised when a due date approaches.

I have a fabric storage cube (from Target) on the bottom of my bookcase, and this cube acts as a filing cabinet for me. In this little box I have all of the important information and paperwork that comes with being a college student.

Awesome storage bins! 
I have two more of these in another room in the house; one holds all of my various fabrics and scraps and the third one holds all paints and supplies. I love that these bins fit nicely on a bookshelf, or inside the storage bench in the office. 
Like I said, I’m certainly not qualified to be sharing organizational advice, other than to say – just do what works for you! No one knows you like you know you; you know what works best for yourself and your family and that’s what you should stick to. 
Thanks for stopping by! 

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