Help! I’ve fallen…

…into the (seemingly) never-ending pit that is EDITING…and REVISING…and REWRITING…and STARTING A NEW PROJECT……!!!!

Okay, so let me break that down for you.

Editing/Revising/Rewriting – Books one and two of the Love and Baseball Series: The Unwritten Rules and Stealing Home. Now technically I’m still writing book two, Stealing Home, but I am in the pre-production stages with The Unwritten Rules. Hopefully I will have The Unwritten Rules ready to go in January but I will keep you posted because my intended release date was a month ago…oops.

Starting a new project….I am still planning a third book for Love and Baseball however I am going to take a short break between books two and three to tackle an entirely new project…in a very new-to-me genre. I’ve always been a big history buff – thanks in large part to my dad – and one area of history that I have always been fascinated by and have studied quite extensively from middle school and beyond is the civil war. I’ve been planning a historical fiction novel almost since NaNoWriMo ended last month – I have a notebook full of research and don’t even get me started on the desktop sticky notes (you know the ones on a Windows PC): I have them color coded for each book I’m writing – Green for Love and Baseball books 1-3, yellow for the Civil War novel that still has no title, and pink for random thoughts for other possible stories….my desktop is a hot mess, but a color coded one : )

I’ve finished reading The Ripple Affair – expect a full review soon….but between now and the time I post a review go check it out…you won’t regret it – call it a stocking stuffer!

Thank you readers, for sticking with me even when I take super long annoying breaks from blogging. My fall semester is finally over, my books are (finally) winding down, and I have a nice little break between now and January to work on blogging consistently and finally publishing.

Merry Christmas!



A 50,000 Word Sprint

Twenty eight days ago I began to write a story – a sequel to my first novel (still being edited), a story that deals with loss, heartbreak, sadness, and family issues among other things…my goal when I started out was to have 50,000 words written by November 30.

There were several days when I was so discouraged, so insecure about my writing that I wanted to give up – just walk away with an unfinished story, I’d done it once before so why not now. When the story got to tough for me to take, the content too intense – too heartbreaking – I stood up and walked away, made a cup of tea and sat back down on the floor to continue writing.

I am not the kind of writer that can be confined to a chair and a desk – I can’t shut myself in a room and expect myself to be productive – I have to write in the middle of chaos. On the living room floor with the dog running around me, writing in a notebook in the middle of the frozen foods section at the grocery store because ideas hit at the strangest times. Making notes during dress rehearsal of a concert because of something someone said that stuck in my mind.

I met my goal of 50,000 words but my story is far from over….I still have a good 10-15 thousand left to write. I still have a lot of story to tell…and I can’t wait to tell it!