The Art Assignment: Off

My ideas of art have been challenged and tested thanks in large part to PBS and The Art Assignment. in this episode the art is coming from screens that are turned off, screens telling the story…take a look…

I chose to participate in this one (and didn’t delete the photos!!!) 
I watched this one on my iPad one night before going to bed and in the morning I woke up, checked some e-mails, and tossed the iPad on my bed…
I ended up picking it up to clean the screen but loved this angle that I caught. It’s almost as if I’m looking through a window….I love some of the responses that include cracked and dirty screens, selfies in the screen that is turned off. I have to admit that my first thought with this assignment was “how is this art” but my idea was challenged with the fact that it really does tell a story depending on how you compose your shot, how you choose to adjust your light, adjust your screen…I love that this series has really made me look at art in a different way. 
Art was something that I never excelled at in school – I have several drawings and clay figures that will attest to that. I like that this is teaching people like me that art is something that we are all capable of. It has been fun for me to take a look at art in a new way and to make art in a new way. 
Come back on Saturday for another art post…I’ve got a great one planned! 
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It’s November….

…and that means that it is officially National Novel Writing Month! I will be starting my second novel today and hopefully a month from now I will be telling you that I hit my 50,000 word goal, have a sequel that is ready to edit and that my first novel is on a best seller list finally published. So, here’s to November, here’s to productivity…here’s to Pinterest being a good distraction when writer’s block hits!

Happy NaNoWriMo!