Stop. Collaborate and Listen

You guys! Collaborative writing is so much fun! I remember several years in high school having to do collaborative writing – we were put in groups and had to write a creative, fictional story a little bit at a time passing the paper back and forth after each section was written. It was awful. I would end up in a group of people who couldn’t agree on a story, or couldn’t write something cohesive…it really made me not want to write. The other night as I was reading a book written by one of my best friends (and fellow writer) I got to a passage that really made me laugh, and I texted her “I think Jane and Antoinette would be good friends, and Ellie and Bernie would try to out sass each other…” her response was “Why not have an Unwritten Rules/Ripple Affair crossover?” What you have to understand is that her characters are from a medieval kingdom, and mine are from modern day Atlanta, GA….so the only logical way for them to meet is with a little help from time travel. Sci-fi/fantasy genres is uncharted territory for me…but over the course of three days, using nothing but Facebook Messenger we successfully wrote one of the funniest short stories I have ever read let alone written. I had so much fun having my characters interact with hers – explaining cell phones, introducing the princess to the wonder of sweat pants, and teaching them about baseball – and writing with my friend.

I love to read books that are collaborative… I love how seamlessly some writing styles blend… but on the other hand I like collaborations where each author has a distinctive voice that is all there own; when you can read chapter to chapter and know who wrote what. After I finally get The Unwritten Rules published (soon, I hope!!!!) I would love to do a collaboration and maybe even explore some unfamiliar genres…who knows….Who nose (quick! name that reference!)

Happy All Saints Day,



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