The Art Assignment: Find Your Band

I love YouTube, I love that you can find old obscure music videos, I love the nerdy science videos, I love PBS Digital Studios and the shows that they produce. Specifically I love The Art Assignment. This is probably where I need to admit to you that I know nothing about art, I can’t draw to save my life, I don’t know the difference between a Monet and a Manet but I do know that none of that matters. The Art Assignment is a little unconventional, they tend to focus on modern and contemporary art and that is right up my alley…even if I don’t completely understand it. One of my favorite episodes was about experimental music, check it out and then we’ll talk.

 Via The Art Assignment on YouTube
As a musician, I love the idea that music is all around us. I love that music isn’t limited to an organized group of instruments playing the same song, a choir singing, or a soloist doing their thing. I love that music is boundless and that music can be anything. I didn’t make a video response due mostly to the fact that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. On any given day the sounds around me are different. For example….
At Work
On a Monday the sounds are different from the sounds on a Wednesday are different from the sounds on a Friday. My favorite days are the noisy days; days where every machine is playing it’s own rhythm yet somehow they mesh. That day is Friday. One printer will push out 1100 bulletins, the folding machine will begin to fold those bulletins, and each of the smaller printers will do the rest of the work that needs doing. Phones ring, voices raise, the occasional ringing of the doorbell, and the clicking of keys on a keyboard. Vacuuming in the hall, coffee brewing in the kitchen, squeaky chairs, laughter, and actual music on the radio. I love that I get to work in this environment, I love how not only do we (my coworkers and I) work in harmony, but the machines, the tools, work together in perfect harmony. I love love love the ‘music’ that surrounds me at work. 
At School 
Not my school, but the school where I volunteer once a week. Voices of children reading books and laughing, the squeak of sneakers on the tile floors, pencils scratching and tapping, chairs scraping the floor, the squeak of the PA system. This is a little more dissonant, not quite as harmonious as the ‘music’ at work but still just as lovely. 
I know that this is pretty unconventional for my blog but I was thinking of making this a series, instead of making video responses to The Art Assignment’s videos I am going to do written responses…I am after all, a writer. I am thinking that for the month of November my posts will be scheduled and will mainly be responses to TAA, excerpts of my writing if anyone is interested, and Friday Favorites because they are pretty quick and easy. Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by! 

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