Friday Favorites

Good evening and happy Friday! I’m liking up with Andrea today for Friday Favorites; I’m lat with it because I forgot to schedule a post for today and was in the office all day today but I did remember to jot down a few favorites this week to share so here goes….

1.) My Fitbit Flex. 
I am totally in love with my Fitbit Flex and the app that goes along with it. I love that it tracks my steps, calories burned, and even my sleep patterns. I wear it all day every day and on days when I don’t want it seen on my wrist (lets face it, it’s a little clunky) I link it to a belt loop on my pants and wear it discreetly…but it still measures everything. 
Displaying photo 2.PNG
2.) Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice Latte

Target had these on sale 2 for $6.00 so naturally I bought two…and I will probably head back to Target for two more! You just add milk to the Latte concentrate and serve it hot or iced…I’ve had it both ways and I LOVE it iced! 
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3.) Checkerboard Slipper

Living in Michigan I’m pretty used to crazy weather but we had a crazy cold front move in yesterday and I was off work so I stayed inside, with tea, an episode of Gilmore Girls, some knitting, and these awesome checkerboard slippers on my feet. I would love to tell you where you can find the warmest, most comfortable slippers around but sadly I can’t link to it. My grandma made me these. She’s been making these for members of our family for as long as I can remember – sometimes a new pair every year. I hadn’t had a new pair since I was in third grade…thirteen years ago. Finally last year she made me a new pair and I wear them just about every cold night here in Michigan – so from September to May : )
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That’s all I’ve got this week because – admittedly – I forgot about posting this week. I wrote a note in my planner to remind myself to post on Fridays, so hopefully next week I’ll be more prepared. 
Thanks for stopping by today, sorry for the quickness of the post. 
I hope you all have a great weekend with family and friends! 

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