Friday Favorites

It’s been a month since my last post, and I really feel bad that I’ve been neglecting this space but my mind has been on other things lately. Today in an effort to make up for lost time and fill you in on the last month I’m going to try something new….Today I’m linking up with Andrea (who I found through Shay – the Mix and Match Mama) for Friday Favorites…here we go!

1.) Gilmore Girls and Ben & Jerry’s –

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after a long day of things around the house breaking down, the dog getting into a patch of burrs (and subsequently being covered), spending time at the laundromat, and using conditioner to remove the burrs…I sat down with a pint of B&J and a watched a disk’s worth of Gilmore Girls.

2.) Paper Towns by John Green

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I’m kind of late to the The Fault in Our Stars party, but once I’d read TFiOS, I wanted to read more by John Green. The first book of his that I found after TFiOS was Paper Towns. I’m on my second reading of it, and I love it just as much – if not more – than the first time I read it. (^^The above pic was taken at the laundromat last night…my washer may not work, but last night I had a half hour of uninterrupted reading time…it was wonderful!!)

3.) The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

The Lizzie Bennett Diaries is an online web series on YouTube. It is a brilliant adaptation of Pride and Prejudice…I highly recommend it! 
4.) FedEx…I admit this one sounds a little crazy…but it also justifies my month long absence. You see for the month of July I was working on writing a novel. I finished the novel on July 27th and immediately ordered a printed and spiral bound copy of it from FedEx so that I could begin editing. So far in August I’ve had a few people beta read for me, and have been working almost daily – between work and normal everyday life – on editing. Right now a good friend of mine is beta reading for me and it makes me nervous to know that someone besides my mom is reading it…I don’t really have a picture to go with this one…
Except maybe this one!!! 
In addition to editing my first novel and working on self-publishing (which is a little daunting !!! ), I’m also working on writing a sequel. So let me apologize in advance if my posts are sporadic and infrequent….that on top of the fall semester starting in a few weeks is making me a little crazy, and adding a lot to my schedule but I promise to post more than once a month!! 
That’s it for me for Friday Favorites….I hope I did it right, I hope you enjoyed it, and I pray that you all have a wonderful weekend!