Procrastinating Is Fun…

…but also destructive to my productivity.

Typically when I’m writing I will write a few sentences then browse Pinterest….write a paragraph then hit up Facebook because a notification just came in and I don’t want to miss anything important…..finish up the chapter I’ve been working on for a week then start writing a blog post that I never finish because I just got an e-mail from the office and I have to open it…..cut out a thousand words and numb the pain of that with an episode of something mindless on TV….re-write the cut thousand words and play a game of Two Dots on my phone, or look through (insert social media application here).

My daily average for my novel has been 2,000 words per day, until I hit a snag in my plot and then my productivity slows. I picked my pace back up today hoping to hit 50k in the next eight days. I’m close, and growing closer by the day but sometimes when my plot doesn’t move I get sucked in by other things when I should be wading through the sinking sand that is background information to come out to the walkway on the other side where my plot speeds up again.

Eight days and 6,637 words left…I can do this.


PS. Please pray for my friend S.J, she has been in labor for around 36 hours now and is really struggling. Say a prayer for her, her husband, and stubborn baby boy!


One thought on “Procrastinating Is Fun…

  1. Britt says:

    I hear ya! Procrastinating is my weakness, too. My worst is when I'm editing. I interrupt myself every 2 seconds, it seems, ha!

    And yay for almost reaching 50k! You can do it! šŸ˜€

    And praying for S.J.! 36 hours is a long labor. Yikes!


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