Journey to Jesus – Waiting

*Full disclosure, this one isn’t necessarily scriptural….just my own Holy Week confession.*

I hate waiting. I can’t stand it. Waiting for company to come for dinner. Test results to be published. Software to download. You name it I hate it. So, imagine being Jesus’ friends and disciples. It’s Saturday, yesterday he was crucified and you’ve just buried him. If you trust in his teaching then you know that on Sunday He will be risen from the dead, but on Saturday you impatiently wait. If it was me, I’d spend all day Saturday fidgeting, cleaning, not being able to sit still, and probably annoying those around me.

I would probably have to cook, or take a walk, or the biblical equivalent of going for a run to let off steam. I would have been a mess that day. I would have baked bread for all of my neighbors, cleaned my house from floor to ceiling, cooked enough food for an army, and still would not be able to calm my self down.

I am a terrible waiter, but it’s Saturday…and Sunday is coming!


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