Failure and An Accomplishment

It was ambitious of me to think that I could write 7 Posts in 7 Days, but I joined the challenge anyway and did very well. I ended up writing 5 posts but I had my reasons for missing Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday night we had a family game night over at my grandma’s house. My parents and I, my mom’s brothers, sister, their spouses, and my grandma all had dinner together and spent the night playing cards, and tabletop board games. We got lots of snow again that night (because this is the land of the eternal winter) and by the time we got home I was pretty exhausted so I showered and went right to bed.

Sunday I was going to post so that I’d at least have 6 posts in 7 days but I started writing for my book, and I was on a roll and didn’t stop until I fell asleep with my computer in my lap that afternoon. By the time I woke up it was time to head back to church to help coach our Children’s Bible Quizzing team, evening service, and going to a friend’s house after service for snacks and fellowship.

I may have failed the 7 in 7 challenge but I did accomplish something this weekend. I wrote an entire chapter for my book! My first complete chapter! I’m so excited that was finally able to get a chapter finished. I may not have 100 pages under my belt or 100,000 words or even a title that I like but I do have one complete chapter. It may not sound like much but to me this is a pretty big accomplishment for the weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and have a great week ahead of you!


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