My Process

I guess it’s more of a routine than a process, but I can only write under the right conditions. I can’t just sit at my computer and have the ideas flow from my head to my fingertips, and out onto the page. In fact, in the writing of this post I had to take a break (read: a few hours) to figure out exactly what I wanted to say here! Here it is, these are the things I need to create the right conditions for writing.

  • A dark room; usually my bedroom with all the light off except one lone desk lamp. 
  • Music…but not just any music; instrumental music. Recently I’ve been using Howard Shore’s soundtracks to the first two Hobbit films. 
  • Night time….not that I can control when night comes, but I usually only write at night. During the day, I carry a small notebook around in my purse and if an idea hits (at least with the novel writing) I’ll take the time to jot it down in the notebook and that night I’ll transfer the ideas from the notebook to the computer. 
That’s it. There isn’t much that I need to create the right environment to write, but if I’m blocked it takes a little more. If I get writer’s block (which seems to be happening very frequently now) I have to busy myself with something. Shoveling snow, vacuuming, cleaning, doing laundry – sometimes one of these tasks will spark an idea, and more often than not that idea means something that I’ve already written will have to be rewritten. Today in fact, I was vacuuming and and idea popped up for a way to add some more length to my story, but also develop my characters a little more. I wrote the idea down, but now I have to figure out not only how to incorporate it, but where.
The one thing that I’ve learned since I started writing again is that I can’t take a break from it. Well, I can but not a five year break like I did last time. Letting it sit for a week or so is about all I can handle. It’s funny though, I don’t regret that I stopped writing, in fact I think it helped me. The time I took gave me a chance to hone my skill, work on my dialog use, and narrative style. I never did revisit that original work, and I don’t have any plans to…I like what I’m working on right now, I love my characters, and the story line is working…for now. We’ll see in a few days after I add to it this week! 
Do you have any tricks for beating writer’s block? A process or routine for when you write? What do you write? I’d love to hear from you!!
This post is part of the 7 in 7 challenge I agreed to when Jen posted about it last week. Go check out all of the other bloggers that joined the challenge. 

One thought on “My Process

  1. Brittany says:

    I wish there was a cure for writer's block. If there's one out there, I want to hear it, ha ha! 🙂

    As for a process, I usually have an idea of what I want to write but then throw it out the window once I start writing and another last minute idea takes its place (very frustrating yet funny at the same time.)


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