Why I Avoided Writing

This is the first time all week that I have sat down in front of my computer with the intention to write, sure it’s a blog post, and in no way associated with the novel I started….but hey, at least I’m writing.

The reason I’ve avoided it is because I’ve been fleshing it all out in my head, and I know that the moment I sit down and pull the document up….it’s all going to change. Some chapters have to be rewritten, some deleted all together, and some new details are going to need to be added. I know that if I don’t make the changes, I won’t be happy with my work as it progresses. This is one of the hardest things for me as a writer or a story teller. I thought I had great progression in my story, and I did, but the way that I’ve played it all out in my head (usually late at night, or when I should be working on a paper for school) the changes will make it flow better….I just have to sit down, bite the bullet, and make the changes!

Usually I avoid writing because of writer’s block….not this time! This time I wish I could get the ideas to slow down and stop tormenting me! The document icon is flashing at me, and mocking me. It’s open, I know I should be working on it….the longer I avoid it the harder it will be to write right?!?

Thanks for letting me vent to you for a bit….now, I have some changes to make.



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