7 Quick Takes: Back in The Saddle

Good morning, and happy Saturday! I’m still here….I really am! I haven’t posted in a while and I know I need to in order to keep my blog current but things are busy, busy, busy around here!!

1.) I’m currently in the middle of my winter semester and the course load keeps me pretty busy, but I know you don’t want to hear about my school schedule : ) I’ll spare you!

2.) Back in the Saddle: No, I’m not doing horseback riding (that will never happen). I’ve started writing again. Not just blogging, actual writing. As a freshman in high school I started writing but got discouraged and stopped. This time feels different though; I have a plot that I like, characters that don’t drive me nuts, and I’m consistently writing a thousand words a day. I’m also consistently re-writing about half of those.

3.) I love that I’m writing again! It’s been so much fun to sit down and do my research, and just type away! I usually write at night before I go to bed. I reserve my day-light hours for work, school, and family but at night in my room I turn on some music and just write!

4.) I stopped writing years ago when I got particularly discouraged because of some criticism fro a professor. She didn’t like my writing, any of it. I never had to write creatively for her class though (and by that I mean, I never had to write an original story concept). I found myself having to work harder, and write more in order to try and please this professor, nothing I wrote was up to her standards though and she didn’t hesitate to call me out on it….in front of the class. That was when I stopped. I was a freshman in college with half a notebook of story planning. I threw it out after that. I started to believe that my writing was terrible, that I’d never be able to write something worth reading.

5.) I was so down on myself for so long…after those harsh words from my professor I didn’t want to write. I was afraid that my writing would never be good enough. Well, I’m getting back on the horse! I have a couple of chapters already written and I’m really excited about my progress!!

6.) Publishing is so far down the road that I’m not thinking about it at this point but it would be cool to see my name in a bookstore some day!

7.) On a completely different note, Sunday night is the finale of Sherlock Series 3 and it’s back to hiatus for the fans. This season has been pretty different from the first two, but we’ve seen so much development of story and characters and I LOVE it!! The only thing I don’t love is that it’s almost over….I hate hiatus!!

I’m linked up with Jen as always!



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