7 Quick Takes: About Sound of Music Live!, Dead week, and Children’s Musicals

Happy Friday (though, it may be Saturday by the time I publish this)! I hope you all had a great week! I’m just going to get to the takes today and hopefully I’ll be back to a regular posting schedule when things settle down a bit here…….so January!

1.) The Sound of Music Live was amazing! That is my opinion and here are a few things I’d like to clear up:
Yes, Julie Andrews made the role of Maria famous, but she was not the original Maria. Carrie Underwood did the role justice! The move was adapted from the Broadway show, what was broadcast live to us was a version of the Broadway show NOT the movie. There was no editing, sound mixing, or scene cuts….it was LIVE! That is such and undertaking and on national television to boot! Again I say, it was AMAZING, The Sound of Music will forever be one of My Favorite Things!

2.) It’s dead week….that is, the week before finals…need I say more? I’m running on coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

3.) Saturday is the dress rehearsal for our children’s musical, The Great Christmas Giveaway! I am playing the adult lead in the show….I haven’t done anything like this since about the sixth grade, it’s been fun to jump back into it again.

4.) Sunday we are performing…..months of work all coming down to one performance! I have really enjoyed working with these amazing kids, and being able to present the story of Christmas to the congregation is such an awesome opportunity!

5.) Right now, as I type, there are 18 days until Christmas! 18!! Is it just me or did November and December just fly right on by!?!

6.) My brain is fried, so instead of a 6th take I’m just going to show you a picture….this is me 20 years ago celebrating my first Christmas

7.) I’m linking up with Jen like always! Head on over to check out Takes that are decidedly much better than mine! 
Have an awesome weekend!
Merry Christmas!


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