Pintester Movement: Ho Ho Ho Edition

I love participating in the Pintester Movement….it makes me have to go through all 2000+ pins on my boards and find some that I actually have to do. I have participated now for the third time (First, Second) and this one is probably definitely a cop out  the easiest one I have done.

Via: Sew Many Ways

A graduation tassel ornament, via Sew Many Ways . I loved this idea when I saw it because I wanted to save my tassel but hanging it from the rear view mirror didn’t work for me, throwing it on a bookshelf was one more thing to dust around, and I didn’t want it laying around anymore. So…….I headed to a local discount store and came across some clear Christmas bulbs, but they also happened to have a bit of a design….I wasn’t about to let that stop me, so I grabbed the one with the M monogrammed on it…..

A green M and a bunch of red polka dots……my school colors were blue and grey……yeah, this should work out well…..
I removed the pin, and the little metal cap….
Then, I dropped in the tassel….easy peasy…..
I pulled the long loop up through the cap, replaced the pin with the little red bow, and hung it up somewhere in my room to take the picture….
Hanging from my graduation cap, and honors cords…..I graduated in 2011, I need to do something with these……
Okay, so it’s nothing special. It was crazy easy, the colors clash (I’m not even going to pretend they don’t. Will I hang it on my tree? Yes. Will I hang it where people will be able to see it? Maybe not….it might find it’s way to the back of the tree where nobody looks. Yep, that sounds like a plan! 
Merry Christmas!!

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Holidays?!
Happy Christmas?! 
Love to you all for the Holidays, 


10 thoughts on “Pintester Movement: Ho Ho Ho Edition

  1. Ebemi says:

    Since I graduated on 99, it might be odd of me to make one of these. I think I still have my tassel somewhere though, so maybe I will do it anyway. I have never led odd stop me before.


  2. Jodee Rose says:

    I have no idea where my high school tassel is. I graduated almost 20 years ago. Our color were black and white though, so we could go with anything… except brown, I guess. It is a good way to keep your tassel as a keepsake though!


  3. Meg says:

    I like the idea of stuffing things in clear ornaments. The possibilities are endless! Back on topic, my high school tassel would be better suited for Halloween – our colors were orange and black. My undergrad and grad colors would be more appropriate for the Christmas season, though.


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