7 Quick Takes: Saturday Edition

Normally I’d be doing this post on a Friday but since my Friday was pretty busy, and the week was too busy for a scheduled post…..So here is a quickly typed, not really thought out, complaining about the weather, and doing a little baking kind of Quick Takes post……this should be an interesting ride : )

1.) I have another Pin Testing post coming your way in about a month as part of the Pintester Movement…this one will be Christmas themed and is bound to be fun!

2.) I have a little crafty painting/refashioning project coming soon too, and this one I really CANNOT WAIT to share with you!!

3.) The weather is so screwy right now! It is cold, rainy, windy, sunny,  cloudy, snowy…….see what I mean, screwy!

4.) My brain is a little fried after mid-terms last week so I’m sorry for the odd, babbling, slightly incoherent Takes this week!

5.) Right now I’m smelling a combination of Pasta e Fagioli soup on the stove, chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and a strong cup of steaming coffee sitting next to me. It is an odd combination, but it actually smells pretty good!

6.) I added the Christmas Countdown to my sidebar! I love Christmas. I love being with family and friends, baking, cooking, celebrating, pageants, snow, Christmas Music………all of it!

7.) I’m linking up with Jen via Cari this week………if you made it all the way through this post…..I applaud you because I think I fell asleep about half way through. This is definitely not my best, but at least I did a little blogging today!

As always, thank you for stopping by, come back again next week when I have some better posts for you!



7 Quick Takes: 10/11/13

I’m alive I promise!! It’s been almost two weeks since my last post, and I feel pretty bad about it….not sure why though….maybe it’s false guilt – but that is all beside the point…the point is I’m back to blogging, and I have a Quick Takes post ready for you, so here it is:

1.) I’m typing this as I’m standing in my kitchen waiting for a batch of Brown Sugar Maple Bars to bake, and listening to some music on my computer which reminds me of a blog post a friend of mine recently wrote all about the Soundtrack of a Story…..it was really good, you should check it out….I can wait…..

oh good, you’re back! Well, what did you think?! I love movies with strong soundtracks, in my own personal playlist I have Band of Brothers, The West Wing, The Hunger Games, John Williams (I didn’t want to list all the movies)….this is just a sample of what I listen to, but these are easily some of my favorites.

2.) I bought my Halloween costume for $10 this year. Or I bought the pieces of it rather. It is a “some assembly required” costume, the pieces of which came from my local Goodwill store, and with a little time spent on the sewing machine hopefully I will have a dress that resembles Snow White’s iconic gown…..

via Google

3.) I’m also eating butterscotch chips by the handful….but I don’t think you needed to know that.

4.) I finally watched Iron Man 3 last weekend and it was AMAZING!! I love Tony Stark, and I love Robert Downey Jr.. I love anything Marvel comes out with, and have learned to watch a movie to  the VERY VERY end, even past the credits……******SPOILERS AHEAD********

This made my nerdy heart extremely happy!!

AH!!! I know, I’m a nerd, but I LOVE IT!
5.) The bars are out of the oven, and I have a caramel frosting to make…I’ll be back! 
6.) Caramel frosting is done….and insanely good! We are heading up to Frankenmuth tomorrow to do some shopping. We will hit up Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, and a few other local stops. If you didn’t see it already, here is the post I did about Frankenmuth….It was featured on Janssen’s Everyday Reading. 
7.) As always, I’m linking up with Jen and the others over at Conversion Diary. Make sure you read Jen’s post about the centipedes and scorpions. I live in Michigan, but still made it a point to check my bed and blankets before going to sleep the other night…..read this post, and you’ll understand why! After reading this, spiders aren’t looking too bad!! 
Have an awesome weekend! GO BLUE!!