All About Jane: A Book Review

I had the distinct honor of receiving a free copy of All About Jane (in exchange for a GoodReads review) directly from the author, a friend, mentor, and former teacher of mine: Carrie Mattern. She sent me this piece of her heart to read and review.

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All About Jane is a pretty heavy read, and it isn’t one that should be taken lightly. It covers a pretty heavy topic, and normally wouldn’t be one in my reading list. The main characters have to deal with the suicide of a classmate, and Carrie handles this topic with enough restraint, and enough compassion so to keep the reader comfortable….for the most part.

A big part of this novella has to do with bullying, and suicide as a result of bullying. What can happen when bullying isn’t stopped. The narrator of the story is Cassie, and she takes us through Jane’s story. Carrie has written it in a way that you feel as though you are sitting in a room with Cassie hearing this come from her, and not reading it from the pages of a book. I was immediately drawn into this story…and I was riveted from beginning to end.

I can’t really tell you too much without spoiling the book, but I would like to tell you how to purchase a copy! You can make your way to Carrie’s website, and check out All About Jane, and her children’s books.

I don’t want this to turn into a PSA, but here it is: Bullying is an epidemic. Not all bullying is recognized for what it is, or even seen at all. This is something that is within our power to stop. Stand up, say something, and let’s put an end to it together! When I said at the beginning that this was a piece of Carrie’s heart, I was being completely honest with you. She has been instrumental in implementing Anti-bullying policies, and awareness groups at the High School where she teaches, the school that I attended. She has dedicated herself to this cause, and to her students….Please consider supporting her, and buy a copy. (And I can personally attest to the fact that her children’s books are AMAZING as well!). Please join me in supporting this awesome local author!



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