The Pintester Movement: Part Two

Hi guys! I’ve decided to join the Pintester Movement again! This time I will be doing a DIY Home Decorating project….that doesn’t sound hard at all does it!

I decided to tackle the “DIY Chevron Lampshade”. It looked like it would be fairly simple, so I didn’t bother clicking through to the instructions, I just tried to figure it out from looking at the pin (maybe that is where things went wrong….hmmmm?). Here is the original pin.

It looks easy! Tape, paint, and lampshade. 
I started with a lamp that I got for free at a garage sale. 

I had already applied a coat of paint here, but the lamp shade was a reddish color….I painted white, and then pink to get the shade the base color that I wanted (I also painted the lamp itself black to match my room decor). I let the paint completely dry. I gave it about 36 hours.
After the paint was dry, I started taping it off for the chevrons…..painter’s tape didn’t stick, at all. I thought it was because of the paint, but nothing worked. I ended up using some heavy duty, water proof first aid tape. Thankfully that worked……
….medical tape worked, but I can’t make a chevron to save my life! After my (wonky) chevrons were taped off I painted over the whole thing again……
Once again, I let it dry overnight because I didn’t want to ruin the paint. Once it was totally dry, I pulled all that tape off…..
….to reveal some pretty interesting looking chevrons. 
Altogether, it wasn’t too bad. I can think of some things that I might do differently if I were to try this again, but at the right angle you can’t tell how uneven the chevrons are, and I’m not planning on taking three days to do a lamp….ever again! 
My lamp certainly doesn’t look like the inspiration pin, but I think it has character! I really can’t complain about a free lamp…so what if I can’t make a chevron to save my life…The important thing is that I like the lamp, it works, and it actually looks good in my room…that is a “Pin Win” in my book! 
Make sure to check out the rest of the Pintester Movement, being hosted by The Pintester! 


27 thoughts on “The Pintester Movement: Part Two

  1. Cherin B-Whitaker says:

    Who needs perfectly shaped chevrons anyway. Semi straight ones are much more interesting to look at. BTW would have done the same thing. I can't seem to keep my lines straight for anything.

    I love the pink color you painted it.
    Have a good one



  2. Jodee Rose says:

    I *love* the color pink you ended up with. And kudos on actually sticking with it and finishing it. I was super frustrated with mine and it only took like 10 minutes of actually doing anything.


  3. Megan Marie says:

    Thanks! It's a pretty bright color (which you can't really tell from my pictures.) and it lets off this great pink glow in my room! Yours made me laugh so hard the whole time I was reading!! Thank you for that!!


  4. The Humble Narcissist says:

    All I can think of is you cutting your finger or something and being like “If only I hadn't used all the medical tape on that lamp!” Seriously, loved the lamp. Perfect chevrons are overrated and too commercial. Your lamp has character!


  5. Heather Herrington says:

    I'm impressed! The moment I saw that you weren't using painter's tape, I immediately thought that you'd end up destroying your design when you pulled the tape off. I think your lamp turned out great, and I love the color scheme you used.


  6. Megan Marie says:

    Thanks! Yeah, I may not try chevrons again unless it's on a flat surface: A wall, or canvas. I think the curvature of the lampshade was part of the problem….that and the fact that I can't make a straight line to save my life. : D


  7. Megan Marie says:

    I think I have a roll of defective painter's tape, it honestly doesn't stick to ANYTHING! I really wish I was kidding, but it won't even stick to paper…it never has. It's just been sitting unused in a drawer, and even when using it it's pretty useless!


  8. africankiwi says:

    Geez, you're a dedicated “waiter”. 36hours for paint to dry kinda makes my impatience over 30min in the fridge vs 10min in the freezer seem amateur! 🙂 After a few drinks I'm sure noone will notice slightly wonky chevrons 😉


  9. Lyn says:

    Love it. I'm not really a pink person, but the combination is fantastic and the “pop” of colour is awesome (I've been reading too many design blogs, pop your colours people!).


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