7 Quick Takes: 9/20/13

Happy Friday!! I’m back to a somewhat normal routine, and can finally churn out a decent 7 Quick Takes post! YAY! I’m just going to get right to the Takes…here we go!

1.) Last Saturday was the perfect day for apple picking. Mom, dad, and I headed out to an orchard just to the south of us and picked almost a bushel of apples, and the trees are so loaded this year that most of that bushel was from ONE tree! They were gorgeous, and now they have been canned into apple butter, and apple sauce!

2.) College football has started back up, and that means it is time for football food! There is nothing I love more than chili in the crock-pot, finger foods, and snacks on game day! I love the football too, but let me tell you, it is much more enjoyable when accompanied by some really delicious food!

3.) I know I said this would be a decent QT post, but I seem to be proving myself wrong….there really wasn’t much of consequence this week……..

4.) I do have a confession to make….I have become addicted to something. Nothing to bad, although it does seem to cause some emotional problems…..that’s right, I’m addicted to British Television. Doctor Who, Sherlock, Broadchurch. I love my BBC America channel, I have a DVR full of Doctor who repeats and specials. I find myself “geeking out” over it all. I just thought you all should know about my addiction, and accompanying emotional distress……thanks for caring.

5.) I’m leading our church’s Ladies Book Club tomorrow with one of my favorite books; Vanetta Chapman’s Falling to Pieces: A Shipshewanna Mystery. As the title suggests, it was a cute little mystery surrounding a Shipshewanna quilt shop owner’s murder. It was a delightful read and I look forward to being able to lead discussion about it!

6.) Beginning in October I will be facilitating the three year old class for our Church MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. I received my curriculum today and was able to look it over. I AM SO EXCITED! I am really looking forward to teaching these kids! I know they are three, and most of what the book calls for may need to be modified to fit the age, but I’m pretty excited. This is like coming full circle for me. My mom took me to MOPS from the time I was a toddler and now here I am teaching a class for the kids! So exciting! 
7.) I started running this week. It may be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done, but I’m doing it, and actually kind of enjoying it. I am only running for small amounts of time, and working my way up….my ultimate goal is ten miles. I’d like to be able to do a ten mile road race here in town next year, and I’m hoping you’ll all hold me to that! 
My tired feet in the locker room after a run. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and as always I’m linked up with Jen for Quick Takes today!



3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: 9/20/13

  1. Brittany says:

    You're not the only one addicted to British television! 😉 My poor parents are sick of me talking about Sherlock. I'm curious about Broadchurch, though. That's the one with David Tennant, right? If so, that one looked interesting (although when has David Tennant ever done anything boring, ha ha?)


  2. Megan Marie says:

    Yep! Broadchurch is the one with David Tennant, Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams from Doctor Who) is in it as well. I've only seen a few episodes, and have to catch up on it but the story line is pretty intriguing, and it really keeps you riveted to the show!


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