7 Quick Takes: 7/19/13

Happy Friday friends! I hope you had a wonderful week thus far! I had a few days off this week and am heading into the office this morning, so I’m going to get to the takes…..here goes nothin’

1.) I finally did it! I finished my quilt top! It took a while, but the hard part is finally over….now I can focus on doing the back. For the back, I’ll be using up all of my leftover fabrics and doing a patchwork for the back….but the point is, the front is FINALLY. FINISHED!!

Here is some proof!

I still have to do some embroidery on a few books, add a few more quotes to the empty spaces, but other than that….DONE! I REALLY, Really, really hope that you can tell at a glance that it is supposed to be a bookshelf…………..? 
2.) I have really enjoyed having a few days off of work this week. Mom and I made jam, and pickles, and pies, and all kinds of other goodies! We have some wild black raspberries that grow in our yard, that we picked and made into about 4 pints of jam, and we still have lots more to pick!
3.) I have crossed a few books off of my summer reading list……but I’ve also added a few! I love finding great bargains, and if I can find bargain books, that is even better. On Monday I went up to Birch Run Outlets and was able to find a couple books for just a dollar each. So, while I’ve made progress on the reading list, the list grows each time I find a new book to read! Seems counter intuitive, but I like it that way! 
4.) Camp Meeting starts on Sunday, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Church is held on our district campground. Our church Choir and Orchestra leads worship every year for the opening service of Camp Meeting, and this year is no different. We will be doing some of our best a biggest numbers from the year, along with lots of congregational worship songs. I love Camp Meeting, mostly because we don’t camp! We drive down for the services on the nights that we can, and that’s the way I like it. 
5.) Seriously though, this is a week that is pretty big in our denomination. Camp Meeting is like a week-long revival. We get amazing speakers, fabulous music, and you can really feel God at work during the services. We meet in a pole-barn turned tabernacle, in lawn chairs or folding chairs (pews if you want the front few rows.) and in true Nazarene fashion, there is usually something food related following a service. 
6.) Many will receive a call to ministry this week. Many will be saved this week. Many more will be Sanctified this week. In fact that is where I was sanctified. Saved in VBS as a child, Sanctified at Camp Meeting as a teen. God gave me all of Himself, as undeserving as I was…and years later I gave all of myself to God. Camp Meeting is life changing, and I expect this year to be no different. Please pray for us as we enter into this week, not just for me but for each and every person that steps foot on the campground this week, and in the weeks to come. God is doing big things! 
7.) I’m linking up at Conversion Diary, and on the off chance that Jen may read this, I’d like to say thank you! Thank you for hosting Quick Takes each week. I don’t even remember now how I found your blog, if it was through another blogger, or if I stumbled across it one day. I do remember the first time I added my link to Quick Takes though, and I was nervous as all get out, because number one, I’m not Catholic and that scared me. I don’t know what I thought, maybe I was afraid I’d be kicked out or something, I don’t know, that’s just me….I get nervous for no reason. Number two, I was afraid I’d never have anything to say, but I’m writing a couple times a week now, I’m actually keeping up this blog! That’s something I never thought would happen. Thank you for helping my find my voice! I have found so many wonderful blogs to read because of your weekly link-ups, and I’m not worried about that whole me-not-being-Catholic-thing, that’s the beauty of the body of Christ isn’t it?! So Jen, if you happen to read my little blog, THANK YOU! 
Have an awesome weekend everyone!



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