Homemade Dry Shampoo

I love dry shampoo! I love that I don’t have to wash my hair everyday, because when I was it would dry out, and become very brittle. I love that you can get it with volumizer! You can refresh your hair, and give it a little lift. What I don’t love is the price tag.

My favorite brand

Basically all dry shampoo really is, is some kind of oil absorbing substance…right?? Why not make it homemade then!? It really can’t be that hard all you need is something to absorb the oil at the roots.

Oily…(for me, this is very oily, the picture makes it look lots better than it was)

I grabbed a canning jar and lid. I started out with equal parts of cocoa powder (because of my dark hair) and cornstarch. I ended up adding an extra two tablespoons of cocoa powder to really darken the mixture.

Using a make-up brush, I dabbed the cocoa-cornstarch mixture onto my roots and let it sit for about two minutes. After sitting for a few minutes, I just brushed it out with my hair brush!

…and viola!! Good as new! So there you have it, very easy, very cheap (and smells good enough to eat) dry shampoo! I absolutely love it, and I won’t be buying it from the store anymore! I love DIY-ing health and beauty products, and saving myself lots of money in the long run! 
Try it, you just might decide you like it!
Megan Marie

Posted in: DIY

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