7 Quick Takes: 5/24/13

Happy Friday!! It is so good to be home! I know I said that last week, but it’s been a glorious week at home! I was able to get back to work, and things are semi-normal around here. So, lets get to it shall we?

We shall,

1.) Please pray for my sweet mama, she and dad spent about 6 1/2 hours in the ER on Saturday after just getting home from vacation. Turns out mom has an enlarged/enflamed gall bladder, and it causes her some pretty severe pain. We think that dairy is her trigger food, so the ice cream we had Saturday night may be what sent her to the hospital. She also has some gall stones that they can’t really do much about…but praise the Lord she’s gone a week without an attack!

2.) My prayers go out to the folks in Oklahoma. What devastation, and heartbreak as they try to locate loved ones, and pick up the pieces. I can’t even begin to imagine what the mix of emotions must be. We were out to dinner Monday night, our whole church staff that is, and one of our pastors was on the phone trying to contact his family….in Moore Oklahoma. All through dinner and dessert he kept calling to find out how they are doing, they are doing fine, their homes are okay and they are safe. A friend of mine has a brother in law and sister in law in Moore, and they lost everything they own. That shows you how unpredictable these storms can be, and how powerful they are…but our God is greater. He will provide, He can comfort, and He gives peace.

3.) One of the best parts of my job, is getting in contact with parents to let them know that their children have received scholarships for church camp. The parents are always SO SO SO excited to finally send their kids to camp, and it really just makes my day! I e-mailed them all today to let them know, and even though I didn’t have anything to do with the approval of their applications, I’ve been getting thank you e-mails in return, from some crazy happy people! It makes my day to know that these kids get to go to camp, and their parents don’t have to worry about the financial burden. I seriously LOVE my job!

4.) I found some waste canvas this week at the craft store and let me tell you, I was pretty excited! Do you know what this means?! I can embroider on my quilt now! You know I’m doing the bookshelf quilt…..? Well, now I can embroider titles, flowers, golden snitch(es), sorting hats, Mockingjays, a colonial house, a french flag….the possibilities are endless, but I also just increased my workload. It’s totally worth it!

5.) I’m running out of things to say, so here is another picture from my trip to Disney

This is me with Lady Tremain, Drizella, and Anastasia. They are better known as Cinderella’s step mother and step sisters. Let me tell you, they are freakin’ hilarious! They interact so well with the crowd. If you are planning a trip to Disney and you find yourself in Magic Kingdom make it a point to meet these three. They are wonderful, you will have so much fun interacting with them!

6.) In one of my posts I talked about how I was going to use a Smash Book as my vacation scrapbook, remember?? No, that’s okay. I talked about it, and that is what I ended up doing. I even took the book with me so I could work on it on the road. I also took it into the park with me and used it as an autograph book. It worked out great. I was able to just add my pictures when I got home, and now I have a complete scrapbook. I’ll do a post on it soon, I promise!

7.) Another picture:

I seriously LOVE the Smash Book, I was able to work on it in the car. Yes, IN. THE. CAR! I didn’t do any of the writing in the car, but adding maps, and brochures, and other odds and ends was really easy to do in the car….and the hotel….and the boardwalk….and Downtown Disney….you get the idea. It travels well, and you can work on it wherever and whenever you like! I even went back to the craft store and bought another one for my next trip! 
Go see Jen @ Conversion Diary for more QT’s, and enjoy your weekend!!


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