Quilts, Pasta, and a Throwback

I started my quilt this week. So far I have a partial block finished. Yes, only one….and only half done. I work on it when I can, which is admittedly not very often. I’m quite pleased though with what I have finished. I am using fat quarters to do each block, so I’m working on finding coordinating, and complimenting colors to use. I will show you pictures when I have decent ones to share…..Any suggestions on good quality fabrics or where to find them would be much appreciated!

For dinner last night I made homemade pasta for my family using this recipe (and cutting it in half). It was the easiest thing that I’ve made, and honestly the best dang pasta I’ve ever had! There is something so wonderful about fresh pasta, and with it being so easy to make I plan on making this A LOT! I will be using what was left over after making the noodles to make some Ravioli sometime next week. YUM!

Photo via: Me (via Instagram)


My grandpa and I on a very early morning in August (many years ago), just before we headed to Canada for  a week on the lake as a family.

There you have it: Quilts, Pasta, and a Throwback….maybe this will catch on and be a trend! (Doubt it…..but it was fun anyway!)

Enjoy the rest of your week. There is a very good chance that my Quick Takes post could be quite late this week…..I will be catering all day for the Casting Crowns concert that our church will be hosting…..you will hear from me, just not as early as normal.



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