Refashion # 2

Time for the second refashion! Here is the original piece…

I did the second (and final refashion) in the same manor as the first. I started by picking away at the seam connecting the skirt and the bodice.

Then, I had to pick at the zipper (very carefully, so as to not ruin any of the layers of fabric) to remove it. 
One of my main concerns with this dress was that all three layers of fabric, and the bodice were connected with only one seam. I pinned as I pick so that I didn’t separate the layers. I’m glad I did this because it REALLY helped me in the long run. 
I sewed all the way around the top, and I sewed up where the zipper used to be before pinning it again. This time I pinned it to the same elastic that I used in the last refashion, creating my waistband. Sew on your elastic, and viola! 
That’s it! So easy!! 
(I promise that’s how it is supposed to look. It has a high-low hem! It does look pretty odd in the picture though) 
This kind of refashion is so easy! If you can operate a seam ripper, and sew a straight line, you can do this!
If you missed the original post, or the first refashion I did you can find them here:


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