Refashion #1

Good morning all! Today I’m going to share with you my first refashion from those deals I scored at Goodwill last week.

This is the article of clothing that I began with. I started with those pesky shoulder pads, and just ripped them out……literally ripped out….of all things, they were VELCROED in!!
After that, I did pick out the velcro strips using my seam ripper, and I also picked the the two halves of this dress apart so that I had the skirt part to use. 
(Let me apologize for the complete lack of pictures in this post) Once I had my two pieces, I cleaned up the top of the skirt and measured my elastic. I used a one and a half inch wide elastic, and just sewed it directly to the skirt. I like the look of it better (especially on this skirt) than doing a casing and threading the elastic through. Make sure though, that when you are sewing the elastic on you STREEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH it as much as you can! If you don’t, your skirt waist band won’t stretch, and that my friends could be a problem. 
I also decided that instead of letting a perfectly good top go to waste, I’d find a way to use the other half. I turned up the bottom hem of the top halve, and sewed a straight stitch all the way around. 
(This was before I’d cleaned it up a bit) Turns out, this makes a pretty cute little jacket! 
Now, for the finished skirt: 
It’s pretty comfortable, and surprisingly a really versatile color for me. So this refashion is pretty simple I know, but I ended up with more out of it than I planned! Check back next week for the second refashion that I have planned!


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