Mid-week ranting

Let me apologize ahead of time for the emotions that I may display in this post.

I have never been a fan of season finales of any of my favorite TV shows, it has nothing to do with the show itself really….it’s just me. There is something about ending a season with something blowing up, or crashing, or someone dying that brings out the worst in me. I promise I won’t give any spoilers, but the season finale of Downton Abbey broke my heart. I was a wreck, and I have a beef with TV writers who love to just keep us hanging until the show comes back.

With Downton, I have a feeling of where it might pick back up for season four, but there are other shows that give us a cliff hanger ending, and when the show comes back, a major character has been killed off (Body of Proof, on ABC). I’m the same way with book series’ , cliff hangers make me crazy when I know how long I’ll be waiting for the next book to be release. I get so invested In my books, and the lives of the characters…..maybe this is just me and my opinion, but I am not a fan of intense endings, but they do leave me wanting more….hmmmm, maybe they are good for something!

Let me know what you think….any shows or books you love with crazy cliff hangers? What did you think about Downton? Any books or shows that you would recommend? I’d love to know your thoughts!




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