DIY: Maxi Skirt

For Christmas my aunt gave me a gift card for Hobby Lobby….which for me, is like giving liquor to an alcoholic! I go crazy in that store; yarn, needles, fabric, cross stitch kits, embroidery floss (at only forty cents a piece, I can have fun with that)….I could go on, but then I might bore you to tears.

Before I went off track I mentioned that I received a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas, today, I finally used it. I have a single maxi skirt in my closet that, although very versatile, it’s the only one I have and it is bright blue….not a great color for fall and winter. I decided that I would make my own maxi skirt.

Here is how I did it:

I started with four yards of brown Jersey Knit fabric (I was quite generous with the yardage, that way I will have more left over for other projects)

Brown Jersey Knit (Sorry about the terrible lighting)

Next, I grabbed my favorite blue maxi and used it as a guide for the length, and side seam measurements for the new skirt. 
Favorite blue Maxi, wrinkled from spending all of fall in the back of my closet

I then pinned about an inch longer than the blue skirt, instead of going for the half circle cut of the blue, I wanted a straight skirt. It doesn’t flair out like the blue, but it still fits nicely. 

Pin, Pin, Pin

After all of that pinning, I cut straight across….

Just that simple
After that, I cut a piece of my extra fabric to create a waistband for the skirt….I like my skirts to sit at my natural waist, so the waistband size is all up to your personal preference. 
Waistband, I ended up folding it in half so that is wasn’t nearly as wide, but was thicker
Now for the fun part, sewing! I pinned up the side, and ran it through the machine, TWICE. I use a zig-zag stitch (just because I feel like it is more secure as far as seams are concerned. (and yes, I did say that I ran it through twice, better safe than sorry)
Sew, Sew, Sew
after sewing my side seam, I worked on my waistband, getting it ready to sew onto the skirt. 
More sewing
With the skirt, and waistband already sewn up, I pinned on the waistband and got ready for more sewing
I highly recommend that when you sew on your waist band you use a bobbin of elastic thread, the only issue that I have found with this, is that unfortunately you have to wind the bobbin by hand otherwise your machine stretches out the thread, and it tends to not come out as well….or maybe that is just my experience, and if that’s the case any advice on how to fix that would be greatly appreciated. 
Elastic Thread; spool and bobbin

I attached the waistband, cleaned up my edges, cut off any excess fabric that I had, and viola!
 My finished product…..(with bare feet and the bottom half of my favorite 
whatever-color-you-want-to-call-it peplum top!
I had so much fun doing this project, it was a great thing for a cold, windy, wintery day in Michigan! 
I still have a few yards of this fabric left…..stay tuned to see what becomes of it!


2 thoughts on “DIY: Maxi Skirt

  1. Jane Corner says:

    Megan, this is a really nice tutorial.

    Your instructions and pictures for each step are so clear that I can imagine how to do it in my head. This is really fun to read, even I never had a plan to sew my own skirt in the past.

    I love the idea that by making your own skirt, you can choose any color and texture of the fabric you want. Your finished product look greats on you (and look comfortable to wear too).


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