Small Business Saturday

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is traditionally “Small Business Saturday”, a day to go out and support your local businesses and small business owners. I did my part today, by supporting a small business that I absolutely LOVE…The Flint Crepe Company.

The Mama Mia….this thing is AH-MAZING!!!

FCC is a local resteraunt that uses all locally grown ingredients. Local produce, local meats and cheeses, and if they can’t find an ingredient without high fructose corn syrup, they find a way to make it themselves. Supporting our local farmers, and the farmer’s market…I can go in their and know the name of the farmer who grew the tomatoes that go into my food, and the name if the man who they buy the cheese from.
They are the quintessential small business, they started as a food cart at the local farmer’s market, and eventually that business grew into having a small business in a growing college town. Prime location in downtown Flint, settled between thre college campuses they are a prime location for lunch with friends, or a nice place to study (with the best coffee I’ve ever tasted).

Some, would walk in, take a look and leave. Some may call it “hipster”, but that label has (ironically) become too mainstream in our culture….I believe that “Artisan” is the best way to describe the atmosphere…and as far as the food is concerned…I’ve never had better! They make it fresh, so you know it comes to you hot! They are stuffed full of whatever you choose. You can order a menu item, or you can create your own….the possibilities are endless, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

So, today on Small Business Saturday, go out and support your favorite small/local business(es)

and let me just add…GO BLUE!! BRAT THOSE BUCKEYES!!


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