Semester Registration

I stood in line today for two and a half hours. The last time I stood in a line for that long, Justin Verlander was at the end signing autographs….that was not the case today. Today I was waiting to see an academic adviser. Winter registration! What a wonderful thing….unless the line is two and a half hours long, and that’s just to get a number.

I had a plan….on-line classes. Sounds like a great plan (right??) What they don’t tell you (EVER…at least not until you try to register) is that there is a prep course that you have to take in order to even REGISTER for the online classes. So I got home today and took the online prep course….I learned:

  • How to send an e-mail
  • How to log onto my computer
  • What a web browser is
  • How to type emoticons….and I was even given a list of them!
  • How to open a file
  • How to download an attachment
  • How to write an online post…something similar to a blog…hmmmm?

I feel *so* much smarter now! Well, at least now I get to register for the classes I need, and though I hate to see it go, I never have to take this prep course AGAIN!!

Have a good election day everyone!



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