Girls’ Day Out

Tomorrow, I am going to be spending the day with my Cousin  Best Friend Allison. She moved away for college this year, and will be home for the weekend. We are going to the salon in the morning to get our hair done, out to lunch after that, and just day of hanging out, girl talk, and possibly some Starbucks.

We haven’t REALLY hung out together in quite a while…nothing more than the occasional family dinner. We text almost daily, but I look forward to being able to spend some real quality time together. I know that we have each been having some difficult days these last few weeks, and being able to just sit and vent to someone who you know will listen is comforting.

We may be cousins, but there is really no better friend…..

Here we are with her Brother Ryan, on a family vacation to Washington DC a few years ago. 
So, here’s to friends, and family, and girls’ days. I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend…and if I get around to it, I will try to do a quick takes post sometime tomorrow. 
Blessings to you all, 

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