Play for JAY!

I’m a Michigan girl through and through…and today is the Michigan/Michigan State game. Today I am cheering for my team, and for the Big 10, but I’m also cheering for another team.

Tonight, the Tennessee Volunteers are playing their game in Honor of Jay Rogers. My cousin Daniel, Jay’s older brother posted this to Facebook….

 Jay’s history goes back a few years. He played every year he was eligible in the West Carroll Flag Football and Jr Tackle League. He often won lineman awards. His 6th grade year he was even chosen for an all star team. When I played Jr. High he was water boy for our team when Coach Terry Booker and Coach Doug McCaslin coached. He played in Jr. High for Coach Josh Fronabarger who is now head coach

 in high school. He was then water boy for the high school team while Coach Chris Rich had the reigns. I played, Jay was waterboy, and dad was on the chain gang. Jay was diagnosed after his 8th grade year. He had 11 tackles and 3 sacks in his final game vs Huntington  My Senior year Jay was a freshman and had been diagnosed. The greatest honor was at the 8 team Jamboree game in Huntington Jay was an honorary captain and walked to the coin toss with me. Football for Jay was not just a game. Tonight, win or lose, we are proud to be a Tennessee Volunteer because of them making the world know that Jay is not alone in his final fight. Go Vols.

I will be cheering HARD tonight for the Vol’s…Play Strong, Jay Strong!

Go Blue, and Go Vols!!



p.s You can show your support to Jay and his family by going to the Jay’s Warriors Facebook Page. Click HERE!! LIKE his page to show your support, and PLEASE continue to pray!!


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